Expert Invents Telemedicine Facility To Ease Covid-19 Pandemic

As part of efforts to end covid-19 pandemic, a telemedicine organisation has invented smart eClinic and ICU solutions.

This statement was made known to the press recently by the management of Genton global resource, telemedicine organisation while introducing the novel telehealth solutions to the general publics.

Clinical technology innovation such as Tele ICU and eClinic web, mobile application become imperative as a result of the risk associated with frontline health workers in the course of attending to Covid-19 outbreak.

For instance the Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire during the daily Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 briefing on Thursday 30th April 2020 revealed that about one hundred and thirteen medical doctors in Nigeria have tested positive, the cases keep rising.

To this end medical experts and scientists have continued to ponder on the possibility for health workers to diagnose or give treatment without physical interaction.
This is where technology comes in, it has reshaped and continued to reshape every sector of the economy especially with the need to scale up the healthcare services locally and globally.

With the towering number of Covid-19 cases across the globe and its pressure on existing healthcare structure, the important of mHealth/telehealth facilities to allow health providers to “see and monitor” patients without being in the same room become paramount.

Speaking on the novel telemedicine, the managing director of Genton global resource(G-CEIBA), Mr Segun Ebozoje explained that
“eClinics Web app & Dr. ICU mobile app brings a provider into the hospital room of a patient virtually and allow them to examine a patient in real time and make routine visits and follow patient vitals while keeping that doctor or nurse a safe distance away from the infection.This is especially important during disease outbreaks when patients are to be isolated or quarantined”.

Mr Segun also stated that The G-CEIBA electronic health facilities “allows you to
follow these patients anywhere outside of quarantine, isolation, ICU areas or even Hospitals, in real time (analyze progress, waveforms, vitals, labs, treatments),
make virtual visits as if Clinicians are by the bedside,
get actionable insights (real-time alarms, SEPSIS alerts)
take actions (consultation notes-speech to text, speech to text – digital Dr transcription), collaborate between each other with minimum exposure to infection”.

He noted that “We created a special Telehealth Mobile Carts that allows the physicians to remotely see their patients. Using these powerful carts the physician can manage up to 20 patients at a time without being present by the bed side”.

Concerning the impact of the facility on the Nigeria health sector, Ebozoje explained that
“Telemedicine in general lowers healthcare cost, drives up efficiency and provides your patients better access to higher quality of care. Telemedicine will allow us as a nation to leverage our clinical work force. Telemedicine will enable our physicians to reach out to multiple times the number of patients you normally can handle. This will decrease the amount of money being used for PPEs and drugs especially during the Pandemic and will it will save lives of many Nigerians as the physician can intervene their patients timely. G-CEIBA Tele ICU system created smart alarms using AI to help physicians intervene their patients before any negative event occurs”.

He further indicated that the importance of the technology outlives the coronavirus pandemic, in his word “You can set up a Tele ICU  command center, get immediate access to our platforms (eClinics and DR ICU ) and  start connecting your physicians and clinicians located in this central location to patients in remote location and rural areas to do initial screening for virus, make virtual visits, follow their vitals and connect and collaborate with other clinicians. One physician can give support up to 125 patients simultaneously. Using G-CEIBA Telehealth technologies you will be able to bring the highest level of care to all Nigerians around the country”.

In the area of certification for deployment and use in the Nigerian healthcare industry, he said
“The process is ongoing. However Gention Global Resources Ltd is a member of the Nigeria Computer Society and also up to date with mandatory documents requirements for tender;
We have written to a number of hospitals in Abuja and Lagos, a couple of them have shown interest on the eConnect Box before the lock down. We are yet to deploy it in Nigeria. However it will interest you to know that this technology currently be used in New York, Turkey and Dubai”.

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