Eze Bomb Wike Telling Him That “You Are Running Rivers Like A Mafia; Using Intimidation, Threats As Governance Strategy

… Counsels Rivers Governor to quit self-dellusion, embarrassing Rivers people
… Says boasts of ‘defeating Amaechi’ in Rivers politics manifestation of dementia
… Describes consistent attacks on oil sector as misstep, sabotage of national economy

The Rivers State governor, Chief Nyesom Wike, has continued to receive knocks for his recent statewide broadcast, which has been described as juvenile, unmannerly and far below the standard character of a State Governor.

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State and erstwhile spokesman of the defunct New People’s Democratic Party (nPDP), Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, who joined in condemning the governor for what he described as his gangster-pattern of leadership, said Wike had desecrated the office of governor by his ‘base and thuggish’ style.

Governor Wike had, during the broadcast on Thursday, dished out treats, orders and prohibitions, which political watchers, analysts and opinion leaders have summed to be a crass exhibition of mediocrity with impunity and display of ineptitude with effrontery.

In a statement made available to media houses, Chief Eze said the governor’s display of attitudinal delinquency was testament to the fact that he is lacking in the minimum mental and ethical traits, naturally prescribed for the office of a State Governor.

The party chieftain berated the Governor for being grossly unteachable and generally insensitive to matters of critical importance and pivotal for efficient steering of statescraft.

He specifically frowned at the poor handling of the implementation of the lockdown order on those rendering essential services as well as those whose services are critical for the sustenance of the economy.

Expressing further disappointment, Chief Eze lambasted the governor over his docile attitude towards the wailing of Rivers people on the prevalence of hunger, occasioned by his lockdown order and lack of reasonable palliative measures and intervention which he said is a greater pandemic amongst the less privileged in the state.

Dismissing the combatant approach with which the governor forcefully demands funds from Federal Government and corporate bodies for the war against Covid-19, Eze admonished Gov. Wike to be cautious and guard his utterances in the interest of the State after the pandemic. He said companies operating in the state will give their support when it is necessary within the bounds of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Party Chief counselled companies wishing to support with palliatives for Rivers people to pull resources together and reach out to citizens directly with their largesse rather than make donations to the state government or any of its committees to avoid possible diversion, mismanagement, imprudent and misuse of funds and ensure the gesture gets to the targeted vulnerable groups in the society regardless of political affiliations.

Eze said the counsel became imperative owing to the discriminatory approach adopted by the state government palliative committee on party affiliations.

Recall that there has been allegations against the committee that members of opposition parties, especially the All Progressives Congress are being denied the few grains of rice and a sachet of noodle shared by the state government as palliative to families to cushion the spread of hunger arising from the pandemic and lockdown.

He counselled the governor to adopt wider consultation as strategic approach to governance and as a substitute to his self-styled and anti-people techniques, which have inflicted untold hardship on the people and incalculable damages to state economy.

“It is characteristically wrong in essence and manner and embarrassing to the sensibility of Rivers people for the governor to make certain proclamations especially, those touching on the general welfare of citizens and state economy without consulting stakeholders and experts in the affected field for public interest. That approach is severely injurious to the state and her people”. Eze stressed.

The Party Chief further laughed the governor to scorn over his reckless claim of defeating Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi in the politics of Rivers State, describing his comment as evidencing fanaticism bordering on arduous dementia. He reminded the governor that the unfortunate circumstance that brought him to office has remained fresh in the memories of Rivers people.

Chief Eze maintained that Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi remains an enigma in public service whose strides and uncommon achievements exists in the consciousness of Rivers people and Nigerians in general. The party stalwart said for all intents and purposes and in all ramifications, Amaechi’s shoes are too big for Wike to step in.

While reminding the governor that his years as Governor are very few, Eze tasked Wike to redouble efforts and try harder to achieve at least one laudable project for which he will be remembered after leaving office, stressing that he is yet to commence real governance in Rivers State under a democracy after five wasted years.

The manner and act of boasting that he doesn’t take order from the Federal Government and embarking upon actions that portray him as endangering the oil sector which is the main stay of the economy of Nigeria through the arrest of Covenant Staff and later 22 ExxonMobil staff doesn’t portray him in any form as a serious minded Administrator. He need to apologize both to the Rivers State people and the entire nation for these acts inimical to the image of the State and the office he is currently occupying

On the release of the ExxonMobil staff who were detained on the orders of Gov. Wike in the course of their lawful duty and have been under custody, Chief Eze said it would have been disastrous, had the governor continued to unlawfully detain the oil workers on mere trumped up charges.

He said Gov. Wike has only succeeded in making a mockery Rivers State and made her laughing stock before other states in terms of governance and by the way and manner he has administered her, charging him to halt further acts capable of bringing Rivers State into conflict with the federal government.

“Aside boasting of not taking orders from the federal government, the governor has freely embarked on several actions capable of endangering the oil sector, which is the main stay of the economy of Nigeria, such as the arrest of Caverton Pilots and sealing off of their offices and later the detention of 22 ExxonMobil staff, whose job falls within essential service by necessary implication”, he noted.

Eze insists that Governor Wike’s acts were contrary to every recognised standards of civilised behaviour, international ethics and decorum and only paints him in the light of an ill-bred and discourteous administrator with very little or no knowledge about democratic tenets.

While counselling the governor to desist from acts capable of smearing the image of the state and bringing it to public odium, the party chieftain insists that it is appropriate and in order for the governor to apologize, not just to Rivers people, but the entire nation for his unbecoming behaviour, which has painted the state negatively and lowered the estimation of the high office he currently occupies.

Chief Eze further challenged Rivers people to speak up against the maladministration of the PDP-led state government, which he said had destroyed democratic institutions and incorporated corruption into a formalised system with increased poverty, massive job losses, decayed infrastructure, decrepit power supply and sickening education system as output, despite the monumental oil wealth and internally generated revenues running into tens and hundreds of billions accruing to the state in the last six years.

Eze commends the Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN) for suspending their earlier planned industrial action premised to take place by yesterday Monday because of the unwarranted detention of Exxon Mobil workers by Governor Wike.

Eze wonders if it is not a sign of cowardice, why did Governor Wike hastily released the detained Exxon Mobil workers after boasting that he will ensured their prosecution?

Wike ought to know of the superior powers of the Federal Government after using the instruments of the FG to shot himself into power by 2015 and should no longer for any reason attempt to undermine or ridicule the office of the President of the Federal Government under any other circumstance, Eze reiterated.