Eze Presents 58 Garlands To A Visionary Leader, Astute Politician, And Lover Of God And Humanity, Chibuike Amaechi In Commemoration Of His Birth

Distributes to Government Agencies, Institutions, Churches, Mosques and Individuals, Thousands of the Historic Book Detailing his Very Many Legacies.

Erstwhile National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New People’s Democratic Party – nPDP, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze has joined family, friends and people of goodwill across the global community to express gratitude to God for the life of a trailblazer, good governance advocate, pacesetter, servant leader and lover of God and humanity – the former Nigeria’s Transportation Minister, Rt. Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi in commemoration of his birth anniversary on 27th May, 2023.

In a statement made available to the media, Chief Eze said Amaechi’s record of service to his people of Rivers State and Nigeria in general as Governor and Cabinet member meets every standard of excellence in public administration and distinguish him as a personification of courage, a powerhouse of ideas and a go-getter with a high drive for great achievements for the general good.

In an effort to sustain his very many legacies scattered across the nook and cranny of Rivers State and imbedded in all regions of the country, Eze said it became imperative to embark on an in-depth systematic research to further discover some aspects of Amaechi which over the years have never been known, his achievements, family life, political engagements, achievements and more and put them together in black and white to commemoration of his 58th birth anniversary.

The book titled ‘AMAECHI: HIS FEATS, INSPIRATIONAL, REVOLUTIONARY LEADERSHIP STYLE’ is termed to be a thriller and one in a million. In a moving story told in a style peculiar only to Chief Eze, the 25 chapter book wraps Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi in a volume succinct yet voluminous, covering all known and unknown political life of the former Governor.

Crucial issues treated in the book which spans over 204 pages with relevant pictures are his feats in the Agricultural, Educational, Heath, Transportation, Financial Sectors. The strategy he adopted to curb the menace of insecurity that was very prevalent before he assumed office. His contributions to the Nigerian Jurisprudence and how he made Port Harcourt the World book Capital. It also covered his efforts to connect all parts of Nigeria through the rail system.

Also captured in the thriller is the record of how Amaechi midwifed the formation of a Unity Government in Nigeria. It also has the record of those who have stood firmly with him since the fight for the soul of Rivers APC and those who prefer him annihilated from the space of relevance.

In the vastly informative, educating and inspiring work, Eze, further insightfully dissects and sheds light on the genesis of his relationship with the erstwhile Governor of Rivers State and former Minister of Transportation; Rt. Hon. Dr. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi. With a deep retrospect on his political records and alliance with former Vice President of Nigeria, Alh. Atiku Abubakar, Eze unriddles his roles in enriching the political experience of the former Vice President. He also x-rays the underlying circumstance behind his journey to Rivers State and his common bond with the hospitable people of the oil-rich Niger Delta state.

Amaechi’s effort in the setting up one of the largest metropolitan areas in Nigeria – the Greater Port Harcourt City covering eight Local Government Areas of Rivers State, in his urbanization and city decongestion project, was dealt with.

The book wouldn’t be complete if Amaechi’s unseating of a sitting and very powerful President in Africa, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan of the PDP (with all the powers of incumbency, control of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation-NNPC, the Central Bank of Nigeria-CBN, the Independent National Electoral Commission-INEC, the highly rated corrupt political and religious leaders with all the security organs/apparatus in his pocket), were not given attention in detail.

Amaechi’s feats in curbing insecurity in Rivers State to the effect that for a whole year in 2010, there was no single armed robbery incident in Rivers State distinguishes him as a foresighted fellow. He initiated the Monorail magic in Nigeria, did other magical acts in the Agricultural and health sectors, and exhibited prudent management of public finance.

The accounts of how he survived the onslaught of Dr. Jonathan, Dame Patience Jonathan, Joseph Mbu (then Rivers State Commissioner of Police), Nyesom Wike and Federal Government agencies, is another interesting aspect of the new book.

Commenting on the book, Mr. Bekee Anyalewechi, said “never before has the Chibuike Amaechi story been told in such a manner adopted in the book. It’s a book for Nigeria”.

The book is a must-read that will take readers through the history of Amaechi and how he created the modern Rivers State. “A book that took me almost three years – working on daily basis to assemble materials and documents, writing and making amendments before building it to this epochal level, must be a thriller”, the APC Chief noted.

Eze quoted Dr. Dakuku Adol Peterside erstwhile DG of NIMASA, one of the best Brains from Rivers State, a Public Sector Turnaround Expert, Leadership Coach, Columnist, Author and Corporate Political Strategist. as stating , “Vintage Eze, through this book, provides a wealth of knowledge and insights about how the master political leader in CR Amaechi was able to navigate political landmines and rose to the pinnacle of leadership. Chief Eze’s account provides stories that have not been told before in this way and at the same time brings clues that make the total picture clear.

This book is essentially a new perspective and a compelling first-hand authentic story that only a master storyteller can share..”

Amaechi is a man placed in the mould of other great leaders around the world by the multi-faceted roles he played in the politics of Nigeria. The case that actually made this “mysterious” man exceptional and catapulted him into the national limelight and marked him out not only as an institution in the politics of Nigeria but one whose inputs can’t be swept off the carpet, was his major political challenge in 2007.

Amaechi had won the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Rivers State gubernatorial ticket but was denied the right to fly the flag under very curious and controversial circumstances which later became the infamous “K-leg” episode. But the Supreme Court of Nigeria in a landmark verdict affirmed him as the duly elected governor of Rivers State. That was about six months after Sir Celestine Omehia, incidentally Amaechi’s cousin, had been sworn in as Governor of Rivers State.

Eze in distributing the copies of the books to some government agencies, Institutions and individuals wrote, ”


I am pleased to bring to your attention the publication of an encyclopedic work on a core nationalist and one of Nigeria’s profound politicians distinguished for his passion for service and unbeatable record of achievements as governor and federal cabinet member, the former Transportation Minister, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi.

The work boasts of an in-depth coverage of the legacies of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi as a public servant, particularly, his policies and programs as Chief-Servant of Rivers State and his contributions to the success of the Buhari/APC administration as Minister of Transportation.

The book titled, “Amaechi: His Feats, Inspirational, Revolutionary Leadership Style & Its Impacts In Rivers State & Nigeria” properly captures Amaechi’s experiences with friends and foes as well as what and where he is today in the politics of Nigeria.

In this book thus, I x-rayed this enigma called Amaechi in the areas of his feats as the first Nigerian to assume office as a State Governor in while on self-exile and the only Nigerian to have been a two time Speaker of Rivers State House of Assembly and Chairman, Conference of Speakers of State Houses of Assembly in Nigeria, two-time Governor of Rivers State (eight years) and two-time Chairman, Governors’ Forum. He was two time Director General of the APC Presidential Campaign Organization which oversaw the democratic overthrow of PDP from Power in 2015 and the successful re-election of President Muahhamdu Buhari in 2019. These feats are not common in any country and yet these seem not to be enough in presenting Amaechi as a man ahead of his time.

According to Prof Agu, one of the very few that edited the Book, “The book is a balanced presentation of facts in a very simple language and narrative style.”—-

Please sir, do find time to go through and help distribute the copies to your Management Team and staff but most importantly keep some copies in your Library”

Eze called on those that are yet to get a copy of the book to feel free to do so through his partners in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Enugu and Abuja as it also debunks the erroneous picture presented to the world by mischief-makers and political desperados, about this great son of Nigeria.

Happy birthday the Son of God!

Happy birthday the Great Iroko of this Political dispensation!

Happy Birthday the Master Political Strategist

Praying God to bless your new age and grant you greater and better years ahead IJN.

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