Eze Umunachi Autonomous Community Gives Succour To Accident Victims

Passenger is a commercial transport company en-route to Kano from Port Harcourt on a night journey have expressed gratitude to the paramount ruler of Umunachi Autonomous Community in Obowo Local Government of Imo State for providing them succour when their luxurious bus accidentally skipped off the road.

The passengers numbering over 60 who are from various parts of the country including a foreigner married to a Nigerian thank the King for coming to their rescue.

According to some of the passengers the Eze, HRH. Eze Sir UBADIRE OKPARA KSM, the Eze Di Oha Nma II of Umunachi Autonomous Community, Obowo Local Government of Imo State, chartered a bus to convey them to his Palace and treated them with royal hospitality.

A passenger who simply referred to Abdul could not hold his gratitude to the King who put every effort to see to the safety and security of the passengers. He said, “our vehicle ran off the road, fortunately, no one was hurt but we were stranded in a strange land but help came from Eze who brought a bus to bring us here to his palace”.

Another passenger, Kabir noted that it would have cost them extra expenses if not for the immediate intervention of the King. “we were wondering where to get accommodation and the additional cost we are going to ensure before the Eze who was passing by and noticed the accident decided to come to our rescue”.

The passengers encourage Nigerians despite their background to emulate the gestures demonstrated by the Eze of Umunachi Autonomous Community of Obowo Local Government and show love and concern to their fellow Nigeria as a means of ensuring a safe society for all.

In an interview, HRH. Eze Sir UBADIRE OKARA KSM. the Eze Di Oha Nma II of Umunachi Autonomous Community said he could not watch his fellow countrymen and women suffer at such a late hour following the breakdown of their vehicle which skipped off the road.

The community leader said that when he noticed the luxury bus and its stranded passengers, he decided to play his role as a royal father to assist those in need. “It was at about past 7 pm I was on my way returning from Mbaise when I notice a luxurious bus that ran into the bush, on enquiry I was told that the bus was travelling from Port Harcourt to Kano before it skipped off the road. I couldn’t bring myself to go home and sleep knowing that some Nigerians like me are stranded and helpless at this late hour of the night. So I consoled them and decided to charter a bus convey them to my Palace”.

The royal father said it is the duty of every Nigerian, especially those in leadership positions to come to the aid of their fellow citizens in times of need.

He expressed gratitude to members of the Nigerian police who kept in touch to ensure the safety of the passengers while they were in his Palace.

The royal father also noted that traditional rulers from other parts of Obowo reach out to him when they heard of the incident.

It was learnt that the transport company, owners of the luxurious bus later sent another bus to convey the stranded passengers at about 1 am to their destination.

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