Eze, Vocal Critic, Urges Gov Wike To Apologise For Using Commissioning Of Amaechi’s Projects To Spread New Deadly COVID19 Virus

…Asks him to learnreal governance from Umahi, Zulum, Ganduje, Sanwo-Olu, Udom & others
…Sympathises with Rivers State over how Wike has made mockery of governance in the State
…Bemoans conspiracies that have denied APC from putting things right in Rivers State’ and sympathizes with and assures Ohna Awuse of freedom from slavery/servanthood come 2023

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has received a resounding whack for his hypocritical approach to the containment of the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic in the State following the non-compliance with established health advisory and regulations, viz, social distancing, hand-washing, use of hand sanitizer and nose mask, etcetera, as he toured a few places to inaugurate road projects with rented praise singers who gathered at each project site for daily pay.

In his reaction, chieftain of the All Progressives Congress and erstwhile National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New People’s Democratic Party (nPDP), Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, said it is deliberate wickedness and sheer recklessness for the Governor to mobilize and risk the lives of royal fathers, political leaders and the poor masses just to witness his showbiz of self praise in the name of commissioning road projects, some of which were initiated by his predecessor, Rt. Hon. Amaechi, after probably recoating them to look fresh.

In a statement made available to media houses, Chief Eze said Rivers people have begun to reap the consequences of the Governor’s hypocrisy and carelessness, as the state has joined the league of those with the highest daily figure of Covid-19 infections.

Now that the deadly virus is rapidly and menacingly attacking Rivers State and her people, Chief Eze said the need for Governor Nyesom Wike to apologise to Nigerians for endangering lives has become imperative, stressing that the State under his watch has turned a laughing stock.

The party chief described as a gross frivolity, the N700million largesse gifted to some other states whereas so far whereas the donor has failed to ameliorate the sufferings and pains of victims of the various disasters that have visited his own state in recent times.

‘Donating a whopping sum of two hundred million Naira to Benue State to tar her roads while the road to Etche and other Local Government Areas are unmotorable and Five Hundred Million Naira to Sokoto State to rebuild her burnt market and compensate affected traders while doing nothing to address the suffering of traders at the burnt Mile One and other markets in Port Harcourt is a horrendous act of naive ignorance.

Attending to the needs of traders in other places and ignoring the suffering traders in Rivers State who have cried their voices hoarse is grossly disgusting to the senses and abhorrent to morality and virtue.

Eze recalled how traders at the Ikoku Spare Parts Market in Port Harcourt, in the midst of hardship, raised their voices and pleaded to the Governor before he could open the market. In other words, while Rivers traders give to Wike, the Governor gives back to traders in other states.

Till this moment, traders at the popular Oil Mill and Slaughter Markets have continued to count their losses in billions as the markets have remained shut for over eight months now and still counting. What more can be said to be an obscene misuse of power than a Governor using public money against the people?

Governor Wike, POS (Africa) and Nigeria most outstanding Father Christmas has refused to pay even a sympathy visit to thousands of Orashi people whose homes and farms were ravaged by flood or visit Bonny Local Government over the killings of her people by Sea Pirates, Andoni and many other areas of the State that were bedevilled by one disaster or the other, yet the odious do-gooder packaged and gifted N700million to people in other States in crass disregard of what is good and due his own people.

Rivers State with all the huge resources at her disposal has refused to pay the salaries of her Civil Servants, minimum Wage, pension to pensioners of which most of them are dying in starvation and poverty, yet POS (Africa) dispensed such a huge sum to charity.

The Rivers State Secretariat, the once best State-owned secretariat complex in Nigeria built by the adminstration of Alfred Diete-Spiff was adequately maintained and improved upon by subsequent administrations until the emergence of Wike, who now ensures that the Secretariat turns a shadow of its own self without water supply and public electricity.

Today, under the watch of Governor Wike Rivers State now ranks number one on the unemployment index having the highest unemployed population as published by the National Bureau of Statistics and other institutions.

This ineptitude in adminstration displayed by Governor Wike has caused Nigerians to see the Federal Government refund of over N78.9Billion expended by the administration of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi on federal roads and other accompanying critical infrastructure that gave the city of Port Harcourt a remodeled facelift and significantly improved the state’s economy amidst meagre funds from the then PDP-controlled central government as a fundamental error.

Without attaching projects for which the N78.9Billion would be used, Chief Eze fears that the refunded sum will definitely go down the drain.

Chief Eze earlier foresaw the Governor’s frivolity and in a recent statement warned the state government against indulging in another spending spree and fanfare of squander mania with the N78.9Billion refunded for Amaechi’s works and tasked Wike to ensure that every Rivers citizen feels the impact of the whooping refund sum. But alas, Eze’s fear has turned reality.

Nigerians should recall that President Muhammadu Buhari, who Amaechi (the hated) supported to power in 2015 gave Wike N75b as refund for money the Federal Government of Nigeria owed Rivers State; funds trapped in Aso Rock for political reasons by Apostles of politics without bitterness. He was at the penitentiary at that self same hour.

Eze expressed fear that if Governor Wike is not properly monitored, the Federal Government may have just wasted the refund sum in the hands of a leader who has no plans or desire to develop Rivers State, particularly now that the State Assembly has retreated to slumber land, unless God miraculously wakes the legislature from their deliberate deep sleep.

Eze bemoaned the Gov. Nyesom Wike-led State government for failing in all locally and globally recognized standard indexes of development; a national embarrassment which he said has culminated in the exclusion of Rivers from the recent N123.348 Billion performance-based grant of the federal government to states under the States Fiscal Transparency Accountability and Sustainability (SFTAS) Programme for results.

Eze said available reports suggest that Rivers State lost out of the N123 Billion FG largese owing to the failure of the state government to meet the simple eligibility requirement from states to publish online approved annual budgets and audited financial statements which has always been shrouded in secrecy given the mountain of illicit transactions perpetrated by officials of the state government.

Today, Governor Wike has been christened as Mr. Project without any tangible Project comparable to the resources that have accrued to the State within his over five years confused adminstration. Eze said if building three flyovers and commissioning of his predecessor’s projects is what makes him Mr. Project then what will one call Governor Dave Nweze Umahi of Ebonyi State that has built thirteen better quality Flyovers across the Local Government Areas in Ebonyi State without any pomp and pageantry or wastage of government scarce funds in organising the showbiz Wike got himself involved.

Eze presented six state governments that met whatever requirement it is that makes one a real Mr. Project;

1. For Gov. Benedict Bengioushuye Ayade of Cross Rivers State to have built the Calachika chicken processing factory, rice and garment factories and other key projects presented him far ahead of what Wike is presenting to Rivers State and her people.

2. Prof Zulum of Borno State: Not minding that the State is the epicentre of Boko Haram, this man has proved that Nigeria doesn’t lack quality and credible leaders. Under his watch he was able to construct new schools and build over 300 estates. Recently disbursed N1bn interest-free loan to 5,000 people in the state few days ago, distributed N384m empowerment fund to beggars, as he plans to ban street begging, Rehabilitated 2,862 thugs in the last six months, and gave them a N30k monthly work.

3. Governor Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State constructed 149 bed space maternal and childcare centre, 116 deplorable highways were being fixed, 360 units Lagos homes, concrete jetty in Baiyeku, Ikorodu, Aradagun-Ajido-Epeme road in Badagry, completed classroom blocks in Maya secondary school, Ikorodu, Eva Adelaja Junior sec school, Bariga, Saviour primary school, Ifako, Imota rice mill, road infrastructure, traffic management, process in place for construction of fourth mainland bridge.

4. Governor Emmanuel Udoma of Akwa Ibom State saw to the first state owned state-of-the-art passenger airline called Ibom Air, Akwa Ibom syringe production company called Jubilee Syringe, Coconut Refinery at Most Enin, rice, flour mills, garri factory, road construction etc.

5. Governor Ganduje of Kano State could achieve the following feats not minding the challenges occasioned by COVID 19

1-Paying student s’ school fees to the tune of N517,586,00 million

2-Fighting the disease of dictatorship (COVID-19).

3-Producing CCTV Camera to improve the security of the economy of the society.

4. Linking of middle school with building some new elementary schools (GSS). 44 L 44 L. G. G.

5-Traditional Birth Attendants Training (Traditional Birth Attendants), Approximately (1,936) and Volunteering Public Volunteers (4,000) in all. Local government (44) of Kano state.

6-Federal Housing Authority’s Federal Government Under the Federal House.

7- Ensured the provision of fund to feed primary school students (31 million, 853, 503.5, 503.5).

8-Ahmadu Bello Way Road Repair on N1. 2 Billion Triacta Company, expected to be completed soon.

9-He is building the bridge of Kwari market which is on the money N6. 6 billion.

10-Building teachers primary school and secondary schools.

11-Additional methods of developing animals and their wings which are related to producing and producing herdsmen (RUGA SETTLEMENT).

12-Taking primary school teachers and secondary Kimani 2,000 to teach English lessons and math lessons in Kano state.

14-Development of rice and whea Mills.

6. Governor Dave Nweze Umahi of Ebonyi State the true Mr. Project in Niveria Initiated and completed the following key projects within the period that Governor Wike was elected:

1. Brand New Governor’s Lodge

2. Brand New Governor’s Office

3. Brand New Presidential lodge

4. Brand New State Executive Council Chambers

5. Brand New Ebonyi State Vocational Centre

6. Brand New King David Academy for best brains in Primary School Common Entrance

7. Brand New EBSU Teaching Hospital

8. Brand New EBSU General Hospital, Uburu

9. Brand new Ecumenical centre the largest in Africa

10. Brand new Ebonyi Shopping Mall the largest and best equipped in Africa according to Senator Ben Bruce

11. Ultra modern International Mkt the biggest and best in Nigeria

12. Completed and deployed 6 flyovers with 7 others at various stages of completion

13. Brand new Industrial clusters

14. Completed over 18 Bridges and over 100 culverts

15. Over 171 Brand new Executive Teachers Quarters in Primary schools

16. Over 200 Executive Classroom Blocks in different primary schools

17. Brand new ongoing International Airport

18. Brand new Olympic stadium

19. Brand new Virology Centre

20. Brand new Executive Accident and Emergency centre at FETHA

21. Brand new Mushroom Farm

22. Three Brand new Cassava processing plants

23. Three brand new Rice Mills

24. Brand New School of Nursing and Midwifery Uburu

25. New State Exco chamber


1. Completed Over 600km concrete road pavement

2. Over 600km tarred roads

3. Streetlights in all the 13 LGA HQTERS

4. Brand new jeeps for all the Traditional rulers in the state

5. Brand new Jeep for all Govt appointees except TAs, STAs etc

6. Empowered over 10,000 youths with between 250k and 1m

7. Appointed over 1500 aides as means of empowernment

8. Paid hospital bills for over 2000 patients and discharged them with rice, wrapper and 5k this Christmas season alone

9. Gave Christmas gifts and palliatives to over 2000 old people across the state,

10. Gave every civil servant 10k and 5kg bag of rice for Christmas

11. Extended Christmas largesse to Ophanages, Churches, moslems, NGOs, Professional groups etc across the State

12. Made 60 Ebobyians Millionaires

If Rivers state Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike is busy building flyovers in two LGA’s and inviting governors to commission street roads and calling himself Mr. Project, what then do we call Governor Umahi, Sanwolu, Udom etc, who have done even more for their people without blowing trumpets?

Similarly, Chief Eze wept for how highly respected ex Rivers State political leaders whom Gov. Wike has reduced into a cathedral of Aides without portfolios, particularly, ex Gpvernor Sir Celestine Omehia, who has now been turned into a mere Microphone Stand, holding the mic for the Oyo State Governor Oluseyi Abiodun Makindel, while commissioning a mere Street of a trekable distance and causing Rivers Traditional Rulers to stay till night fall for the meaningless event; a disgrace which Governor Tambuwal cannot subject any Emir in his domain to.

The party chief said for a caliber of feared and respected political leader like Ohna (Chief) Sgt. Chidi Awuse to declare in a public glare that he is ready to serve as a servant to Wike, till death, clearly shows how the Governor has conscripted political leaders into slavery, in his discovered political neoplasm.

Eze lamented over Awuse’s comment stressing that in 1999, when Chief Awuse contested the Governorship seat of Rivers State with Dr. Odili, Wike was emerging as a mere Local Government Council Chairman.

Describing the trend as unacceptable, the party chief admonished Awuse to lament no more, assuring that the APC will do everything within her powers to change the narrative come 2023, set him free from Wike’s bondage and restore his status in Rivers politics.

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