December 5, 2022

FCT Police Apprehend Commercial Motorcycle Thieves Syndicate

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Personnel from the FCT Police Command’s Karshi Divisional Police Headquarters have apprehended a syndicate that specializes in targeting commercial motorcyclists and stealing their motorcycles in Karshi and surrounding areas.

Swift Reporters learned that two individuals were apprehended on Friday, November 4, 2022, with an unregistered red Bajaj motorbike with Chassis No. Md2a18ax2nwl34587 and Engine No. Dux Wnl 31386 – 52DU1954.

Following reliable and actionable intelligence over the plans of the two suspects, later identified as Emmanuel Yusuf, Age 20 Years and Kaleb Arziku, Age 22 both Males of Toto Nasarawa State who lodged at Spicy Garden and Lodge located at Karshi to sell an unregistered Bajaj Motorcycle for a low price of N100,000. 

Due to the FCT Police Command’s credo of “See something; say something,” the hotel’s management notified the Karshi Divisional Police Headquarters, where detectives were deployed to the location where the two culprits were apprehended.


It was immediately observed that the white clothing material adorned by one of the suspects has blood stains on it

Also observed were blood stains on the said motorcycle this raised more concern and curiosity despite their initial denials following a sustained interrogation the duo have confessed to the crime that one Abdullahi Saidu of Angwa Mangoro Toto Nasarawa State who was attacked with sharp objects while carrying two passengers Thursday and was hospitalized because of the injuries sustained on Friday 5th November 2022 identified the recovered Bajaj motorcycle as his own and the two suspects as his attackers

Swift Reporters spoke with FCT Police Command Spokesperson Josephine Adeh, who stated that the preliminary inquiry is still underway because the case has been handed to the SCID for discrete investigation.
She advised FCT residents to be watchful and to report any sort of criminality to the nearest Police Division.

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