FCT Police Arrest A Notorious Burglar

Residents of Road 3 Phase 4 Nyanya, AMAC, breathed a sigh of relief when police operatives from the Nyanya Divisional Police Headquarters of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command arrested a burglar terrorizing the street.

According to our source, around 6 am on Monday, some vigilant youths on the street noticed two men moving suspiciously near a shop on the street.

When the youths approach them, one ran away while the main burglar was caught.

An iron bar was found on him which he uses to force shops open.

The Divisional Police Officer in Nyanya was contacted and he immediately swung into action by sending his men to take the burglar to the station to prevent mobs from taking the law into their hands as the burglar has been beaten by some aggrieved passers-by.

He confessed to being a burglar and came from a neighbouring community, Angwai Dadi to steal when he was apprehended.