FCT Police Receives Accolades From Tweeps

The FCT Police Command has received accolades from tweeps for arresting a man who looted an apartment he rented for three weeks.

According to a tweet from one Esther Akinyele (@Estakinleye) on Saturday, August 20th, 2022, she made the series of tweets below:

“Good evening, i have a shortlet (Gwagwalada, Abuja) business that I run and he just started about 2 months ago the last client that came to stay in the apartment, firstly he paid for 1week with his girlfriend and later extended with 2 weeks making 3 weeks in total. His rent expires.

“Today Saturday 20th August and by the time we got to the apartment, we realised that all the loads in the apartment are GONE (pictures are above before and after pics) the only thing he left was broom. Some of the things he carried are my sol solar kits which contains Television, dstv kits including plate, 3 different solar panels he went on top of the root and removed all, fan, bed, bed frame, plate, curtains, spoons, water reserve e.t.c.

FCT Commissioner of Police, Babaji Sunday

“We just started this business.

“Phone number he dropped for his next of kin is not going through likewise his phone numbers, we have been to the police station to report the case but they said they will track his number (when his number start going through) which I don’t know if the number will ever go through.

“We were able to get 2 of his pictures which is attached, doing our conversionwhen he just came he said he lives in kubwa, Abuja.

“The girl friend came from Benin.”  

“Kindly help us post, anyone that can help us locate him or his family member.”

In response to her tweet, the FCT Police Command ( @FCT_PoliceNG) at 9:55 am on Monday replied to her tweet thus, “Good morning @Estakinleye will you like to come to the Police Public Relations Office at the FCT Police Command, Garki 2, opposite Old CBN? We will explore other alternatives to looking into the complaint.

By 2:36 pm on the same Monday, the FCT Police Command (@FCT_PoliceNG) gave a further response to its earlier tweet, thus, “While expecting the complainant to reach out to the Police. We wish to intimate members of the public on the Arrest of the suspect. Investigation has commenced and the input of the complainant is needed to lend credence to the process.”

Various people have come under tweets to commend the FCT Police Command for the swift arrest of the culprit. Below are some of the accolades:

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