FG Partners Africa Chamber Of Digital Commerce, 3air To Train Youth On Visual Programming/Coding Technology

The Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy under the leadership of Professor Isa Ali Pantami partners with the Africa Chamber of Digital Commerce (ACOFDC) and 3air- a blockchain-based telecom platform, to power the ACOFDC mesh No-code Low-Code Visual Programming technology training program in Nigeria

The partnership will help mitigate the dwindling African economies, tackle unemployment, and accelerate an inclusive digital economy in Africa. The Project which will pilot in Nigeria aims to train and certify 3.5 million Africans in the Dittofi no-code (visual programming/coding) technology that will give them the capability to perform as full-stack developers within the programming and software development tech sector.

The DG NIMC, Engr Aliyu Aziz represented the Honourable Minister at the inaugural summit of the ACOFDC  and unveiling of the initiative held at Expo 2020 Dubai, UAE, on the 18th of March, 2022.

“I am particularly excited that the Africa Chamber of Digital Commerce has taken this bold step to unveil several initiatives and projects that have the potential to leverage the continent’s huge human capacity, harness their talents and skills, and empower them to capitalize on emerging technology opportunities for socio-economic development, Pantami said.

Pantami reiterated that Nigeria’s National Digital Economy policy and strategy have spelled out strategic pillars necessary for the country’s digitalization drive. They include Developmental regulations; digital literacy and skills; solid infrastructure; service infrastructure;  digital services development and promotion; soft infrastructure; digital society and emerging technologies; and indigenous content development and adoption.    Nigeria’s Digital Economy journey has consistently grown and matured to attract organizations such as the African Chamber of Digital Commerce (ACOFDC) to position itself for a strategic partnership model that will drive investment into Africa and the Diaspora.

President/CEO of the ACOFDC, Eric Kaigama said: “the chamber is on a mission to upskill undergraduates and graduates by leveraging the no-code/low code technology to monetize the opportunities the global digital economy provides through remote jobs. Implementing this intervention will put in place a mechanism for accelerated job creation for millions of Africans and will set the continent on a trajectory to becoming more economically self-sustaining by leveraging emerging technologies and capitalizing on emerging investment opportunities”.

No-code technology is a relatively recent trend that involves the usage of visual tools to develop and deliver applications. This means that instead of using traditional coding languages like JavaScript, no-code platforms have drag-and-drop features and pre-configured elements. This allows users to assemble application processes much like how builders assemble structures. Not only does this make application development easier and more accessible to non-professional developers, but it also makes the process much faster.

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