FHC Accommodates Lucius Nwosu Valedictory Session

The Federal High Court of Nigeria has given out the Roseline Ukeje Hall of the court to the family of late Chief Lucius Nwosu to be used for the deceased valedictory session.

Swift Reporters spoke to the Assistant Director of Information of the Federal High Court of Nigeria, Catherine Oby Christopher (PhD), she said that the family of Late Chief Lucius Nwosu only requested to make use of the Ukeje Hall of the headquarters of the Court in Abuja.

“The family only requested to use the hall and we gave them. The late Nwosu was a distinguished legal luminary. It’s not true that we are funding the valedictory as it’s being peddled.

“As a matter of fact, we don’t have the resources to do that. We have not contributed a dime to that.

“The media should always verify their reports before releasing them to the public to avoid amplifying fabricated news and propaganda”.

“Always know that our doors are open for you to get the right information whenever needed.
She added.

Recall that the special valedictory session will hold on Monday, June 6 at the Roseline Ukeje Hall of the headquarters of the Court in Abuja.

Chief Lucius  Nwosu passed on to glory in his sleep last month.

Below is a letter from Chief Lucius Nwosu’s Associate requesting the use of the Federal High Court Hall:

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