For 2023: Tinubu Or The Cows?

By Bayo Oluwasanmi

April 8, 2018, I penned a piece in SaharaReporters titled APC Satan PDP Lucifer. I argued in the piece that the two political parties are the same. I said, “A political party is about ideology. The ideology of both parties is corruption… APC is Satan, PDP is Lucifer. Membership of both parties has become political cross fertilization. Both parties have the same members.” I conclude that “One should not belong to either party.”

Today, the show of shame by party switchers aka crosstitutes of both parties agree with my characterization. Weep not for the two parties, let the wind blow where it will. Ahmed Tinubu the Jagaban of Borgu Kingdom was the kingmaker, who made possible the election of Muhammadu Buhari in 2015.

With Buhari in power, the APC central government is Muslim Fulani dominated. The Northern feudalists total hold on APC and recurring crisis in the party have curtailed and contained the power and influence of Jagaban. Jagaban’s political wings have been successfully clipped. A re-alignment of political foes against him has mushroomed. He is sitting on top of a huge pile of bull manure. Tinubu is learning the hard way that (1) Fulanis cannot be trusted, and (2) Fulanis will not return the favour he bestowed on Buhari in 2015 and 2019. Trust the Fulanis, they will make sure Tinubu is politically buried before 2023 to make way for a Fulani candidate.

Commenting on whether he would run in 2023, Jagaban said, “At this extenuating moment with COVID-19, I have made no decision regarding 2023 for the concerns of this hour are momentous enough.” Never mind that some die-hard Jagabanians have started campaigning for their candidate with the slogan: “TNN 2023” meaning Tinubu Non-Negotiable 2023.

Don’t believe Jagaban has not made up his mind on 2023. Lies are part of the DNA of politicians. Nigerian politicians are not excluded. Tinubu as a politician is a member of the lying group. George Orwell said it better: “Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable.”

In Nigeria, political lying demagogues find traction and attraction in a country with proud history of dysfunctional democracy and rogue leadership. Even when Nigerians know perfectly well that those running for president or any other political office are lying, they deny or discount the falsehood when they are pointed out. Tinubu’s supporters with blatant disregard for the truth about Tinubu, will support and campaign for him any day. No amount of factchecking concerning Tinubu will reduce his appeal to his supporters.

2019 was the Year of The Pig in China. But cows are stealing the spotlight in the Nigeria political sphere. My deepest condolences toward APC members jostling for the party’s presidential ticket for 2023. The APC flag bearer for 2023 will be selected among the northern herd of cows. After all, Nigeria is an exceptional country. It’s a strange and scary nation. A society of odd people.

In Nigeria, snakes eat billions of naira, rats took over Aso Rock and rendered President Buhari homeless for few days. Only in Nigeria the reconstruction of 127.6 kilometers (79.3 miles) Lagos-Ibadan expressway started July 2013 is now seven years old and yet to be completed. In Nigeria, $1 Tradermoni for impoverished market women is the economic stimulus package by the government to jumpstart the economy. Inmates run the asylums in Nigeria while distinguished career criminals rule the country. And here is the clincher: Cows in Nigeria carry AK-47 to shoot at sight defenseless poor farmers!

For 2023, the question we should ask Jagaban is: “Where are the cows?” For Nigerians, Tinubu or the cows?

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