From A Grateful Heart

By Biodun Omoleye

Each time I receive a rare favour, my fear is not whether I’ve received enough, but whether I can show enough gratitude. Can ordinary “Thank You” be enough? I often ask myself.

I have again found myself in the same situation now. Big and resounding as the phrase “Thank You” may appear, it is appearing weak in expressing my appreciation to everyone who rejoiced with me on my Birthday.

My dear leaders, brothers and sisters, please accept the little appreciation I can bring forth from my grateful heart. You did not hold back. You gave me your all in terms of felicitations. I will be making a serious slip if I should start naming names.

Some through calls, some via SMS and other social media handles. Some even paid personal visits. I feel very loved and very honoured. I would maintain that while thanks are the highest form of thought, gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.

I am sincerely grateful and I will not take your felicitations for granted. Love always.

Hon. Biodun Omoleye, Chief of Staff to the Governor, Ekiti State.

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