Frontiers For Democracy Calls For Support For Switch To Parliamentary System Of Government In Nigeria

Frontiers For Democracy, a leading advocacy organization committed to promoting democratic principles and good governance, has called for support for a switch to a parliamentary system of government in Nigeria.

According to a press release on Thursday jointly signed by its Convener, Mr Tonye Inioribo and other Executives, said that the move aims to enhance accountability, inclusivity, and stability in the country’s governance structure.

The statement read, “The parliamentary system of government, which was successfully practised in Nigeria before the military incursion in 1966, has proven successful in various nations around the world, offering several advantages over the current presidential system. By adopting a parliamentary system, Nigeria can achieve several benefits, including:

1. Enhanced Accountability: A parliamentary system provides a direct link between the executive and legislative branches, fostering greater accountability. This enables efficient oversight, reducing the risk of corruption and unchecked power.
2. Inclusivity and Representation: The parliamentary system encourages the formation of coalition governments, ensuring that a broader range of voices and perspectives are represented in decision-making. This inclusivity strengthens the democratic process and promotes more balanced governance.

3. Flexibility and Responsiveness: The parliamentary system allows for swift decision-making and policy implementation. The executive can be held accountable through votes of no confidence, ensuring responsiveness to the needs and aspirations of the Nigerian people.
4. Stable Governance: By enabling the formation of coalition governments, the parliamentary system provides stability, minimizing political gridlock and frequent changes in leadership. This stability creates an environment conducive to long-term planning and sustainable development.

“Frontiers For Democracy urges elected lawmakers, civil society organizations, and the Nigerian public to join forces in advocating for the switch to a parliamentary system. It is crucial to engage in open dialogue, raise awareness, and collaborate to drive the necessary reforms.

“We believe that a parliamentary system of government will promote better governance, accountability, and representation in Nigeria. Through this transition, we can build a stronger democracy that truly serves the interests of the Nigerian people.

“As part of the plans to actualise the realization of this patriotic cause, the Frontiers For Democracy will spare no resources in engaging the masses, and critical stakeholders across the nooks and crannies of the country to encourage them to actively participate in the public discourse surrounding this issue and our elected representatives.

“Together, we can work towards a brighter future for Nigeria and Nigerians, characterized by inclusive governance, responsible leadership, and sustainable development, the statement concluded.