GOGIS, Gov Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya & The Quest For Effective Land Administration

By Dr Kabiru Usman Hassan

I merely wish to correct that impression which leads so many people to talk and write as though rent and land tenures related solely to agriculture and to agricultural communities. Nothing could be more erroneous. Land is necessary to all production, no matter what be the kind or form; land is the standing-place, the workshop, the storehouse of labor; it is to the human being the only means by which he can obtain access to the material universe or utilize its powers. Without land man cannot exist. To whom the ownership of land is given, to him is given the virtual ownership of the men who must live upon it.

Governor Muhammadu Inuwa yahaya’s aim on land administration can never be overemphasized as it is principally meant to achieve effectiveness in sustainable management and control of land in the state particularly in a manner that gives government sufficient and legal powers over the acquisition, transfer or otherwise assignment of land. It is for this reason that Governor Muhammadu Inuwa yahaya supports the continued establishment of GOGIS as the key stakeholder on land administration systems in the state so as to play an important part in the growth process of our cities and communities as well as to regularize, digitize land ownership while upholding transparency and simplification of the process to enable ordinary citizens benefit from this reform.

The GOGIS Project is meant to provide immediate support to Gombe State government with a view to successfully achieve a  modern (Contemporary) and efficient land administration that is backed by automated systems and a fully trained staff that can produce secure land titles and increase  internally Generated Revenue (IGR). Importantly GOGIS will gather, collate and digitise all geospatial data, store this information in a central database, and, through the GOGIS Service Centre, deliver products including maps, reports and analysis, supporting informed decision in all Gombe State Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA’s).

Governor Muhammadu Inuwa yahaya’s vision, and sagacity in supporting GOGIS to stand on its toes is highly commendable by all and sundry, because an effective land administration system will:

  1. Support governance and the rule of law
  2. facilitate land reform and help to alleviate poverty
  3. Guarantee ownership and security of tenure
  4. Support land and property taxation
  5. Provide collateral that can be used to access credit for further economic activity
  6. Develop and monitor land markets
  7. Protect state lands.
  8. Reduce land disputes and conflict
  9. Improve urban planning and infrastructure development, manage natural resources and support environmental management
  10. Provide a mechanism to realise medium and long term investment in environmental and agricultural improvement
  11. Provide statistical data to assess policy and strategy.

Thus, it is with great pleasure and maximum humility and patriotism that we in GOGIS appreciate his Excellency Governor Muhammadu Inuwa yahaya for his continued support, time and resources towards the actualization of the agency (GOGIS). 

Your Excellency, without gainsaying, it is evident enough that you are here as the Executive Governor to create harmonious and provide conducive environment to our dear state while exploring its potentials to the fullest. 

Your Excellency, we will continue to pray for God’s wisdom upon you as you pilot the affairs of this great State towards bringing into reality the Gombe of our dreams.

Dr Kabiru Usman Hassan is the Director-General, Gombe Geographic Information Systems (GOGIS)

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