Gombe Govt Denies Sacking INEX Cleaners

Following a news briefing on the protest of women and youths, estimated in hundreds, the Gombe state government has denied the sack of over 2,000 cleaners.

The Commissioner of Information and Culture Gombe State, Julius Ishaya Lapes, has said that the appointment of the cleaners would not be tampered with.

According to him, all workers with INEX cleaners would be retained with much higher pay, by two other private establishments said to have won the contract due to lower cost and increased payment to workers.

The statement read in part, “It is however important to State that INEX cleaners are a private environmental service provider engaged by the State Government for clearing and evacuation of waste within the State capital.

“However in compliance with the public procurement law of Gombe State, the Job for the evacuation of waste in the State capital was advertised to the public for bidding. The outcome of the bidding process eventually showed that INEX cleaners bided a much higher contract sum than the company the State Government has so far contracted.

“In sealing the contract with the new environmental company, the Gombe State Government gave a condition that all workers with INEX cleaners should be retained with much higher pay.

“The Gombe State Government strongly believed that the decision to engage the services of a new environmental company was done in the best interest of the State and its people, particularly the workers.

“Government has it on a good account that some supervisors with INEX cleaners are bent on causing confusion and mischief in the process.

“To this end, the Government wishes to use this medium to warn trouble makers, particularly the supervisors to stay clear from an act that will bring about the breakdown of law and order as the long arm of the law will catch up with anyone who in the habit of doing so.

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