Gombe PDP; A Sinking Ship

PDP in Gombe State can be described as a ship without a captain that already lost its compass in the middle of the deep blue sea. Things have fallen apart for the party as it was plugged into a serious leadership dilemma. The party loosed control as everyone is doing what he/she likes because the center can no longer hold it – there was no strong shoulder to lean on. Their so-called leader has proven his incapacity to coordinate the affairs of their party (PDP).

The dilemma has also worsened amid the st dire need for the party to have a better hand to lead them. The recklessness that led the party to lose woefully in 2019 is about to repeat itself in 2023.

The weak base upon which the party was built has become leaner. The party was built on unregulated capitalistic ideals of handling the affairs of the party to the richest person or the highest bidder as if the party is partaking in gambling instead of politics.

To be frank, PDP in Gombe State is no more a serious political party but a bunch of power hungry who fail to understand that the incumbent Governor is for the masses and the masses are very convinced with his leadership style. Gombawa will never compromise their future with PDP that recklessly ruled the state for good 16 years with so much chaos and controversial achievements which skewed towards personal ego, not the public interest.

Let me offer free advice to those among them who are willing to listen especially youth to please not waste your time, power, energy, and resources in a spot where there is no leadership, where there is nothing to learn, try to join the winning team led by His Excellency Alhaji Inuwa Yahaya who gives opportunities to countless youths, who is a man of his words, a full-time Governor, who is ever ready to serve good people of Gombe state without sentiments or discrimination.

Support Dan Maje to ensure our future and the future of our next generation.

Suleiman Muhammad Kime writes for #GISTAG