Gombe PDP Desperately Scavenging For Leaders, Contestants And Followers Altogether

By A. A. Kumo

One is right to say PDP as a political party that ruled Gombe State for good sixteen years is now in a sorry situation. The moribund condition of the party as a result of lack of leadership, internal coordination and support from the electorates has made some of the party loyalist desperately searching for leaders, contestants and of course supporters to manage the remnants of the party.

It is so laughable and utterly ridiculous for the party that claim to have gathered the momentum to fight the incumbent only to end up looking for other people who seems not to have interest at all in the party or who already lost their political relevance in other political cycles.

The Dawo-Dawo movement which succeeded in tearing the party apart the more and cause more harm than good has embarked on another campaign capable of taking the party to its grave.

Recently, some who claimed to be members of PDP are openly identifying with Sen. Danjuma Goje who up till now has not formally made any declaration of denouncing his APC membership talk less of joining another party.

The implications of this loyalty is that the members of PDP have rejected the leadership of former Governor, Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo who many PDP supporters are accusing of showing ‘I don’t care attitude’ in handling the affairs of the party. They also accuse him of prioritizing his ambition to be a vice presidential aspirant over taking his responsibilities seriously as a party leader.

Being in PDP and identifying or being loyal to another person or party is the highest ‘anti party’ any member can do. But all the same, what can a drowning man not grab to save his life? I bet, he can grab even the sharpest sword just to save his life and that is exactly what is happening to the PDP in Gombe State.

With no responsible leadership, no understanding and internal cohesion, no loyalty and respect to the leadership, no strong contenders, no reasonable followers, with clash of interests where a party leaders is contesting a seat with about four contenders, with party members who loosed hope and quite believe that their party is in mess and above all with a united and well coordinated APC in power, PDP in Gombe State is doomed to lose in the 2023 general elections.

Scavenging for leaders, contenders and followers from other parties at this critical time when the supposed to be preparing for primaries is indeed a justification that PDP will fail woefully in 2023 elections in Gombe State Insha Allah. No two way for that.

For APC it is going to be an easy ride. Thanks to the ‘party leaders’ who are working tirelessly to take the party to the grave and thanks to their loyal members who are ready to accompany the corpse to its final place of rest.

A. A. Kumo writes for GISTAG