Gombe State Has Remained An Investor’s Destination Under Gov. Inuwa Yahaya

By Malam Fa’izu Muhammad

Three years after mounting the saddle, Governance in Gombe can now be summed to be for service to the people, as against personnel aggrandizement as obtained in other states.

It is important to state at this junction that it has become a reality to Gombawa now than ever before that any society desirous of improving its socio-economic and political fortune, just as a matter of utmost necessity, be endowed with leaders who have an incisive focus on the management of public affairs.

Added to this must be an understanding of the operation of the private sector. Inuwa Yahaya as Governor has proven that his integrity, mixed with his credentials, can provide the desired leadership.

Without mincing words, and looking into the activities of governance in Gombe under the leadership of Dan Majen Gombe, shows that his, is a mix of intellectual finesse, sincerity and uncommon sagacity.

In addition to his ability to blend human and material resources together is the Governor’s honesty and transparency. People oriented, liberal, and broad minded, having viewed the measure of equity and fairness exhibited in Inuwa Yahaya’s style of governance, I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt and without any iota of contradiction that Gombe State has finally been gifted and endowed with a leader in the mould of Gov. Inuwa Yahaya.

Dan Majen Gombe has so far shown after three years, that he has an extra-ordinary gift of turning everything he touched into gold.

Considering the landmark achievements in three years, one is tempted to say he stands better placed to continue as Governor of the State beyond 2023.

This can also be buttressed by the fact that aside his performances, except for those who are not dwellers in the State, does the opposition party have a chance in Gombe in future elections?. The answer is a definite no .

Since his assumption of office till date, it will not be out of place to refer to MIY as, setting a foundation on which the future of Gombe State will rest. This certainly is not a subject of controversy.

Similarly, since he assumed office as Governor, Gombe State has being on the world map for good reasons. The State has remained an investor’s destination, if one must not be economical with the truth, has witnessed an unprecedented leap, caused by series of development that is related to all aspects of human endeavor. Analysts are quick to say, that the State attained the leap by reason of Inuwa Yahaya’s approach to governance, an approach that is result oriented, legendary and novel.

Written by Malam Fa’izu Muhammad Of GISTAG