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The Rivers State Government has said that Gov Diri’s comments on Gov Wike’s appreciation of releasing accumulated monies to the State under the 13% derivation fund that were not paid by the federal government before Buhari became President is borne out of petty jealousy.

According to a press release signed by the Rivers State Commissioner for Information and Communications, Chris Finebone, said that during the commissioning of the Nabo Graham Douglas Campus of the Nigerian Law School in Port Harcourt recently, Gov. Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, made a unique remark appreciating the President, Muhammadu Buhari, for contributing to why he (Wike) can deliver outstanding projects for the people and residents of Rivers State. Particularly, Gov. Wike thanked President Buhari for releasing accumulated monies to the State under the 13% derivation fund that were not paid by the federal government before Buhari became President.

The statement read, “To the fair-minded, that was a genuine appreciation from a grateful heart. But sadly, that harmless appreciation by Gov. Wike has become a source of needles worry for some governors in the Niger Delta. One of such governors is Gov. Douye Diri of Bayelsa State.

“The holy book says that from the bounty of the heart the mouth speaks. It appears that Gov. Diri has been living under the yoke of petty jealousy since Gov. Wike embarked on building flyovers totaling 12 in number, so far, to ease the perennial traffic gridlock in the city of Port Harcourt. Curiously, all that was needed for Diri to voice his burning jealousy was a harmless comment by Gov. Wike showing appreciation to President Buhari.

“One local saying has it that when a masquerade gets aberrant in his display, it becomes necessary to tell him the wood its mask is carved from. Gov. Diri very well knows that it will not be difficult to tell him in plain language the wood he was carved from. But restrain will suffice at this time, believing that he will eventually shade his garment of jealousy and allow reason prevail.

“It will be unthinkable to imagine that Gov. Duoye Diri did not know or has suddenly forgotten the history of Rivers and Bayelsa States. It is said that when providence throws up some persons to a position of leadership in a society, they may destroy the family bond due to their deficient perception of life.

“The Rivers State Government believes that there are sufficient leaders in our sister Bayelsa State that are capable of calling their governor to order so as not to undermine the thread that binds our people together. A stitch in time saves nine!

“It must be said that the appreciation Gov. Wike openly expressed for President Buhari was never meant to be a call for governors of the Niger Delta states to be probed or a demand for the governors to give account for monies paid to them under the 13% derivation fund. Far from it! It was an open expression of appreciation and nothing more. Governor Wike has a right to express his opinion. How other governors understand a rather straightforward statement and the many interpretations given to it are entirely their business.

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