Gov. Fayemi Unveils Ekiti State Development Plan 2021-2050 In Abuja

….I Will Sustain Fayemi’s Achievement-Governor-Elect

The outgoing governor of Ekiti State and the Chairman, of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, on Tuesday unveiled the Ekiti State Development Plan 2021-2050, with a message of hope adding that the ESDP 2022- 2050, was the manifestation of his administration’s dream to have a tailored-made development programmes.

Governor Fayemi stated this at the 3rd Interactive Session between Ekiti State Government and Its Development Partners in Nigeria, at the Transcorp Hilton, Abuja adding that ESDP was a template that would enhance the fast economic growth of Ekiti State and make the State, the destination of choice to visit, live, work and invest in, Nigeria.

The governor said the meeting was significant and very unique because it was going to be his last official meeting with the partners as the Governor of Ekiti State.

He explained that the meeting was multifaceted stressing that it was to update the partners about his administration’s collective progress in Ekiti State; also to acknowledge and appreciate the partners for their support for the government and people of Ekiti State and to introduce the Governor-elect to them, whom he stated that they would be dealing with going forward from October 16, 2022.

He appreciated and thanked all the partners for their support for the state.

“As a government, our administration continues to work out modalities and evolve new ways of making life better for our people, despite the little resources available to the State. I thank everyone that has played one role or the other to support us thus far, especially our development partners.

“I believe if we continue to work together as team, we will certainly achieve the progress and development we all yearn for. As a responsible and responsive government, we have, over the years, deliberately prioritized and focused on the growth, development and wellbeing of our people.

“To this end, we have to learn from the past by assessing where we succeeded so that we can replicate that success, and to understand areas we have fallen short with a view to correcting them. In the course of our 2nd interactive session, I reported to you some landmark achievements we collectively accomplished, categorized them in line with our five priority areas or pillars.

“They are: Governance; Agriculture and Rural Development; Social Investment; Knowledge Economy; and Infrastructure and Industrial Development. I am glad to further inform you that some of the projected listed in the reported are being commissioned now to commemorate the fourth anniversary of this administration.

“We could not have achieved this much without the support of our Development Partners. Your impacts have been feasible and greatly felt on all the 5-pillars of this administration.

“As a government, we appreciate the World Bank, United State African Development Foundation (USADF), UNICEF, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and WHO– World Health Organization by partnering with and assisting us on Rural Agricultural Access Mobility Project (RAAMP), Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP), State Transparency, Accountability and Sustainability (SFTAS), Innovation Development and Effectiveness in the Acquisition of Skills (IDEAS) Project, Adolescent Girls Initiative for Learning and Empowerment (AGILE), Malaria Intervention Programme, NG-CARES, Health and Nutrition, Child Protection, Social Policy, Advocacy and Communication, etc. We are equally grateful to the Federal Government for the assistance through Saving One Million Lives for Result (SOML), National Social Safety Net Programme (NASSP), Cash Transfer, N-Power, Home Grown School.

“Feeding (HGSF), National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA), and Partnership for Expanded Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (PEWASH), Sustainable Urban and Rural Water Supply, sanitation and Hygiene programme (SURWASH), etc. Without being immodest, I can confidently say that Ekiti State’s partnership with our various Development Partners has been very fruitful and impactful on all fronts.

“I urge us all, therefore, to let us strengthen our bond, build on these impactful achievements and increase our deliverables for the betterment of our people. In our quest to strengthen good governance and ensure consistency of policies, programmes and projects, we put structures in place to end the menace of project abandonment in Ekiti State.

“With the Ekiti State (Transition) Law 2019, we have made sure that even in cases where there is a change of baton from one political party to another; succeeding administrations would have enduring templates that ensure seamless continuity of the vision, the completion of projects, and the upholding of commitments validly entered into.

“Once again, I thank you all for your effective and eventful partnership. I urge you all; to give maximum support to the Oyebanji-led government for the sustainability of the growth we are collectively bequeathing the incoming administration.” He stated.

The Governor, however disclosed that the reason for the ESDP 2022- 2050; are to capture the current needs, potential strengths, clear opportunities, and aspirational yearnings of Ekiti citizens.

He emphatically explained that it was mostly for the younger generation; and to highlight the viability of Ekiti State, as an environment with resources and endowments, and incentives that allows capital resources to make optimal returns given its abundant economic opportunities, prosperity potentials, social inclusion, peace and security.

Speaking further, the Governor said the ESDP 2022- 2050, was strategically designed to serve for the purposes of an investment promotion plan for Ekiti State as a product; an SDG-aligned monitoring, coordination, and management tool; a framework to bring existing development strategies into a harmonious, rational, and coherent whole.

According to the governor, it was meant to serve as a guide for subsequent development planning and implementation and a guidebook to building coherence and strengthen partnership between public sector, private sector, civil society and development partners.

“We deliberately crafted the Ekiti State Development Plan (ESDP), 2022- 2050 to achieve the following outcomes: Mitigation against current and anticipated future global threats; Develop new strategies for tackling unemployment and improving productivity towards prosperity, by addressing skills required for jobs-of-the-future, and resolving microeconomic competitiveness challenges across Ekiti State; achieve improved quality of lives for the citizenry; enhance coordination across all government activities, providing a road map to all MDAs and integrate sector planning, annual budgeting, and performance review processes and; provide the State leadership and successive administrations with a detailed direction of its productivity and competitiveness ambitions, and the strategies required for implementing an economic and social investment plan.” He stated.

The governor used the occasion to introduce his successor, the governor-elect, Mr. Biodun Oyebanji, whom he described as the symbol of the administration’s continuity agenda to the development partners of the Ekiti Development plan.

He stated that the ESDP was wired in such a way that any government or party that comes into power in Ekiti would continue the master-plan of the ESDP.

He charged the development partners to join hands with Mr. Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji, to rally round the incoming administration in the overall best interest of Ekiti State people.

According to the governor, with their support and cooperation, the incoming government would make the best of the foundation already laid down and surpass his administration’s record of performance.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my now pleasure at this junction to introduce our Governor-elect, and the symbol of our continuity agenda, Mr. Biodun Oyebanji to you.

“This is the first time a political party will be succeeding itself in our dear State. Luckily, our Governor-elect was an integral part of all the developmental feats recorded by this administration.

“What this holds for us as a State is that the path to enduring socio-economic and political progress already mapped out by this administration will be followed through with renewed vigour and dedication.

“I am, therefore, using this medium to appeal to you, our development partners to rally round the incoming administration in the overall best interest of our people.

“With your support and cooperation, the incoming government will make the best of the foundation we already laid and surpass our record of performance.

“I urge you all to join hands with Mr. Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji (BAO). He has the character, competence and composure to achieve all his electoral promises to move Ekiti State forward.

“The Ekiti State Development Plan (ESDP) 2022- 2050 is therefore the manifestation of our dream to have a tailored-made development programmes that will enhance fast economic growth of Ekiti State and make Ekiti State the destination of choice to visit, live, work and invest in, Nigeria.

“The reason for Ekiti State Development Plan ESDP 2022- 2050 are: to capture the current needs, potential strengths, clear opportunities, and aspirational yearnings of Ekiti citizens, especially the younger generation; and to highlight the viability of Ekiti State as an environment with resources and endowments, and incentives that allow capital to make optimal returns given its abundant economic opportunities, prosperity potentials, social inclusion, peace and security.

In his goodwill message, the Governor-elect, Mr. Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji, said he was pleased to meet with the Ekiti State Development Partners and thanked them for their support to the people and government of Ekiti State.

He commended the outgoing Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi more importantly, for the development the administration achieved working with him and the partners in Ekiti State.

Oyebanjo added that with achievement recorded with the development partners in Nigeria, using the platform of the Nigerian Governors Forum, he has nothing to say but only to commend the governor’s sincerity of purpose, clear vision, and commitment to improving the wellbeing of Ekiti people, promising to build on his well-established legacy.

“With his background as a Development Consultant and Social Inclusion activist before this assignment, Governor Fayemi has been the ideal Chief Partner for the development community, and Ekiti State, the destination of choice for development support, where you are guaranteed value for money, measurable development results, progressive reforms and high absorptive capacity for financial and technical assistance and support, all under an environment of social inclusion.

“As Secretary to the State Government, I was privileged to participate in this development journey, and can attest to the important role you have all played in helping towards improving human development outcomes for our people. During my campaign to be elected as Governor, I was clear about the common vision shared with Governor Fayemi, and promised that my Government will “keep Ekiti working.”

“This was supported by a six-point agenda focused on effective governance, human capital development, job creation, infrastructure and industrialization, agriculture and rural development, and Arts, culture and tourism.

“In addition to my commitment to continuity, my administration will continue in the footsteps of the Fayemi administration by ensuring the best talent within and outside Ekiti, are employed in delivering this shared vision.

“Most importantly, I am committed to working very closely with you all to deepen our existing partnerships, and build on your achievements in Ekiti. Where necessary, we will seek to complete existing programmes; while, at a later date, I look forward to sharing additional priorities in bilateral meetings with you all.

The governor-elect, said the vision of the administration’s 30-year Development Plan, ESDP 2050, was to make Ekiti State of Nigeria the best place of choice in Africa to live, to work, to invest and to visit by year 2050.

“If we are to achieve this vision, we will require flawless execution, sincerity of purpose, and the support of all our partners. In my opinion, we have commenced this journey in the right way, by ensuring alignment of our promise to Ekiti people, the Sustainable Development Goals, and our ESDP 2050.

“I hope to receive even greater cooperation from you all; in ensuring the legacy we have started with Governor Fayemi’s administration endures.

“I am delighted to be with you today, and use this opportunity to thank all our Partners (World Bank, UNDP, OSSAP, UNICEF, FCDO, Bill & Melinda Gates, USAID, European Union, AFDB, FORD FOUNDATION, and JICA. I will also use this as an opportunity to welcome other partners to Ekiti State.

“In the words of Governor Kayode Fayemi, the task of keeping Ekiti working is our collective responsibility. Therefore, I earnestly await your collaboration and support in the best interest of Ekiti people. He said.

Earlier, in her remarks, the Special Adviser to the Ekiti State Governor on Development Partnerships and SDGS, Dr Margaret Fagboyo, stated that meeting was to allow for the tracking of the progress of the administration’s various engagements, adding that the last of this kind of event took place in April 2022.

According to her, the Interactive Session was an initiative of the Governor Dr. Kayode Fayemi, in his determination to achieve integrated and sustainable development in the state, in recognition of the critical role that development partners play in national or sub-national socio-economic development.

She stressed that the meeting was therefore for stocktaking, and consolidation.

According to her event was the unveiling of the 30-Year State Development Plan, which she stated that the draft was shared during the last engagement.

Fagboyo, noted that Ekiti State witnessed the highest number of Developments supports from 2018-2022, during the tenure of Governor Fayemi, whom she stated that established the template for successful development partnerships in which he strengthened institutions of responsiveness (Justice sector, social security and Emergency management), expanded the spheres of social inclusion (Care for the aged and indigent), strengthened accountability that guarantees integrity in governance and effective reform management. (OGP implementation leadership).

She called the attention of the partners that Governor Fayemi created a template for sustainable development that transcends his tenure (OGP, ESDP 2050), broke glass ceilings for women in Ekiti, through the support of his First Lady, Erelu Bisi Fayemi (Gender Equity), and established templates for quick interventions and measurable results in public service delivery.

“With the conclusion of the Plan, the next stage is to explore, together with you, areas of collaboration and partnership for the implementation, which I am assured, will usher in new incentives and mutually beneficial opportunities for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in the State.

Fagboyo, thanked the Ekiti State partners and urged them to still extend the same gesture to the incoming government.

“I want to sincerely appreciate all our Partners who have supported us from 2018 to date in the Development corridor – World Bank, UNDP, OSSAP, UNICEF, FCDO, Bill & Melinda Gates, USAID, European Union, AFDB, Ford Foundation, Japan Federal Governments and many more. Your responsiveness to our calls has been highly impressive and I say thank you all for supporting us.

“Moreover, we have a Governor, who is a Development Specialist, who understands and speak your language, which has made him to provide the required political will and the enabling environment for collaboration and partnership to flourish in the State.

“As part of the dividends, today, we would be unveiling the 30-Year Ekiti State Development Plan, which is our own homegrown plan, with the support of some of our Partners, UNDP and OSSAP particularly, covering 2021-2050, serving as the roadmap for development plan for Ekiti State.

“I want to thank the Governor for the opportunity given me to serve under his administration as the Special Adviser Development Partnerships/SDGs and I am grateful for the support he has given to me in piloting and coordinating the affairs of Development Partnerships/SDGs in the State.

“I make bold to say we have an excellent scorecard as regards Development Partners engagements and the outcomes of the numerous interventions delivered through the office of the Senior Special Assistants to the President on SDGs, Princess Adejoke Orelope Adefulire and her team. A big thank you to you All.” She disclosed.

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