December 5, 2022

Governor Inuwa Has Received GMC’s Visitor

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…. He says work will be started soon to revive the state’s news media has come to its senses

Gombe State Governor, Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya has announced that his government will give all the right support to GMC State Media to allow the other media to support the state.

The governor has revealed that when he received the guests of GMC under the leadership of his leader Muhammad Kabir Abdullahi in the meeting of the House of Representatives.

The government has declared GMC’s implementation as a very important one to be the state’s media is the black government that produces news and programs for the public to further notice happening in the government.

He said when elected members of the government were elected and they were responsible for the war of the media that came to the best and held it well to support the state government’s desires.

He said ′′We won’t let anyone blow our forehead, we must blow ourselves up and dance as we want “.

Governor Inuwa Yahaya said that the challenge GMC is facing as her leader presented is short, medium and long term, he said that his wish is to solve all the problems because the station is on a good push to do it together if it wasn’t for them.

He said ′′We need a full analysis of her GMC leg we are ready to provide all the tools needed and materials needed. Any unnecessary employee on foot can be sent a part, so he won’t be a complete assistant instead of a government success “.

He said that it is not only about the media of Gombe, but also the Galibi of the government, he is hitting an example of the management office of Gombe State that has 72 employees. And most of them don’t have anything behind their back.

′′As it is today half of our money is healthy for our salary, this is before paying 30 thousand Naira as minimum wage, while we started applying it, some are over 237 million naira They have increased the salary increment, and the government’s transportation fee increased due to the increase in prices. So everything you touch almost leads us down is warwas “.

He said the issue has increased being Gombe state is backward in income, he says even though the state is getting progressive in domestic income, but Gombe is still very low in the production field Entrance fee internally and externally.

He said the state has paid more debt than the value, according to the state’s loans that the care office is using to verify how every state can collect debt, Gombe has reached 22.8 Instead of 20 out of 100 likes, it’s becoming an obstacle to the state’s possession, I’ve sworn in to run its business.

Explaining the revival system of the radio station, the chairman of Gombe Media, Muhammad Kabir Abdullahi, says some of the challenges the radio station faces including; lack of quality general, equipment and engineering and building – The building that was destroyed.

Despite the challenges the channel faces, the members of the executive branch have helped develop the skills and develop the skills of workers and equipment, rebuilding modern technology, and production of modern camera, and programming – State TV program to broadcast Star Time Star Television and provide solar energy etc.

According to the speech, General Director of Gombe media, Kabiru Ibn Mohammed has witnessed that his coming to Karaga, he has received various challenges from workers and equipment, saying the leaders of the government GMC’s contributions are ready to work with the hard work of Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya has changed the channel and turned it into comparison.

He will confirm that the media of Gombe will continue to work as the media of my sister’s work and mission under the leadership of Governor Muhammad Inuwa Yahaya.

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