August 10, 2022

Governor Inuwa; The Leader That Connects The Clock And The Compass

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By A. A. Kumo

Leadership is considered the most essential catalyst for development. A good leadership requires both efficiency and effectiveness. True leaders have the ability to connect the clock which signifies efficiency and the compass which implies a sense of direction, purpose, vision, perspective and balance.

Gombe State has been in past three years featuring in headlines where it is depicted as the emerging model in both leadership and socio-economic development. If there is anything the state can brag of as the reason why it most a times get it right and become a shining example is the good leadership and ingenuity His Excellency, Governor, Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya (Dan Majen Gombe).

The foresight, dexterity and sagacity of Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya in giving the best leadership to the good people of Gombe State is not only visible in those critical sectors that move the economy forward but also in the way the state gets it right in politics and polity.

Numerous awards and honours won by Gombe State Governor reflects his outstanding disposition and general acceptability of his leadership style in the state, across the nation, and beyond.

Under Governor Muhammadu Inuwa, Gombe has got back it lost glory; the state has been named as the number one state in the ease of doing business, the peaceful state in the Northeast, one of the peaceful states in Nigeria, State with low crimes rate, etc.

While focusing on the progress of Gombe State, the governor was not unmindful of the importance of forming formidable political alliances and associations that ensure the continuance of good governance.

The governor was able to intervene and unite the seemingly ‘waring factions’ and bring them to dine on the same table, the achievements that was never thought to be possible.

Inuwa identifies development partners, individuals and institutions, collaborate and work together with them towards the development of his people.

He strengthen, economic and administrative institutions in the state for smooth running of governance and for maximum productivity.

Governor Inuwa is just the good ladder against the right wall. He knows the what, the how and the when.

Gombawa are indeed lucky to have such a good leader. We just need to give him our support again to continue leading the state on the right track of sustainable development.

Dan Maje’s Continuity is insha Allah assured!

A. A. Kumo #GISTAG

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