Governor Inuwa: The Leader We Are Proud Of

By Malam Fa’izu Muhammad

Love or hate him, Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya is a man who believes in equity and equality, justice and fairness; He is a well-principled gentleman that never compromises his standards.

Governor Inuwa pays more attention to a person’s quality, competence, and agility,  irrespective of ethnic background, gender, or faith.

His drive towards youth and women inclusion in governance is obvious, It is even beyond the 35% affirmative action of women being advocated in public governance. Many may refuse or deny this obvious fact due to political reasons, but the man is brave, he is not afraid to allow spotted talents to play their part in his administration.

Gov. Inuwa Yahaya is a reflection of God’s blessedness in making a leader with impeccable character. He is transforming lives through quality leadership and good governance in Gombe State.

More than being a governor, Gov. Inuwa is a national asset. His impact on leadership is felt beyond the boundaries of Gombe State. In him, insha’Allah the future holds something greater for Nigerians.

Ours is a governor who constructed a lot of new roads, and schools and reconstructed the old ones, attended to social services, distributed palliatives to the poor and vulnerable, provided quality healthcare, develop the economy, managed the states’ resources with transparency and accountability, increased reputational rating of the state, created thousands of jobs, attracted more Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Pulled mass relocation of people and businesses to Gombe State due to the business-friendly atmosphere and the inviting policies of his administration, increased participation in agro-businesses, clean and light up nooks and crannies of Gombe State and so on.

Let’s keep rallying around him with prayers and physical support at all times for a brighter future for ourselves and our children yet unborn.

Written by Malam Fa’izu Muhammad Of GISTAG

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