August 17, 2022

Governor Inuwa Yahaya, Still The Most Preferred 2023 Based On His Antecedence

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By Malam Fa’izu Muhammad

A close look at his action shows that he is a man whose action is motivated by the public good and not a man who will stretch the purse of the State for his good. His gentle style of leadership is what has also stood him out. Within the last few years of the Administration of Inuwa Yahaya as Governor, there seems to have been smoothness and progress on all fronts in the State. All of these positive attainment were achieved without the usual noise many in government would have made.

Dan Majen Gombe is a man who knows how to hold his own without vanity or flamboyance. Muhammad Inuwa Yahaya as Gombe State Governor without exaggeration, is humble without servility, effective without showiness, brilliant without bullying, attribute construed as weakness.

An unobtrusive stalwart, selflessly serving for posterity, Inuwa’s nearly three years of stewardship as governor when x-rayed against his efforts at transforming the state, is what makes many who understand modern governance believe he is still the most preferred in 2023.

Inuwa Yahaya’s style of administration has made many have the opinion that In this period of our democratic experiment, what the State needs is a man of moral courage in government, not moved by the allure and paraphernalia of office, but one committed to living the state better than he met it. All of these positive indicators which are attributes of Dan Majen were made possible because the governor placed service to the people far and above the allure and comfort of the office of the governor.

Never has it been acknowledged as a fact that there is a responsible administration operating in the State as presently observed under Muhammad Inuwa Yahaya. Even the worst of critics at the inception of the Inuwa Yahaya administration has now made a U-turn in their opinion and have openly attested to the fact that yes we may not be there yet but that the state is now a work in progress.

The several support and return of prominent politicians to the APC and Inuwa Yahaya fold has no doubt strengthened the governor’s popularity ahead of 2023.  Presently, it is not out of place to see politicians from another political divide openly canvassing for Inuwa Yahaya based on his excellent performance.

For such politicians, it is not about political platform but about service delivery, peace, fairness, equity, and justice that is in line with best practices, and core values of his administration since inception. To the majority who rate the Inuwa  Yahaya administration high, his transformation agenda has revealed the true test of leadership.

Through his bold identity of creative leadership and enterprise, he saw to the completion of all inherited projects from the immediate past administration. So far, what little other administrations were not able to achieve in the building of new and rehabilitation of General and cottage hospitals across the state, Inuwa Yahaya has more than doubled the Government’s commitment to repositioning the health sector.

In a space of challenging and dwindling statutory allocation, the absence of collapsed and decayed infrastructures, but with a transformation agenda, anchored on a blueprint that is people-oriented, touching the critical sectors of the State’s economy, the present administration is resolute in justifying its mandate.

Overwhelmingly voted into office, Inuwa Yahaya knows that he can’t give less back in terms of service to the people. The administration has gone to a remarkable extent in making the State a food basket.

Agriculture has placed the State on the front burner.  Aggressive farming of Rice, and maize tree plantation. Aside from the opening up of rural roads, and massive construction of township roads across the State, Gombe in the area of the transport sub-sector is a massive construction site.

The unprecedented records of achievements thus far attained amidst a challenging journey through thick and thin, makes a choice of candidate for the next office of the governor of Gombe State determined through achievable programs and policies, practical logic and debates as well as altruism of the candidates, based on their antecedents and character both in the public and private domain over the years.

With the governor’s impactful achievements, viewed side by side with the standard best practice of governance, one will not but be convinced that those that feel otherwise do so for political reasons. 

Though the governor has not spoken, more than ever before, Dan Majen should be ready to bring to bear his astute leadership endowment and creativity quality by accepting the call to run again as his quest to take Gombe State to the promised land should not be limited by a first term.

Written by Malam Fa’izu Muhammad of GISTAG.

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