Governor Inuwa Yahaya’s Laudable Initiatives And Visionary Policies

By Arzoo Gombe

Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya came into governance well loaded with brilliant ideas and vision. These ideals are already being translated into economic policies, programmes and administrative initiatives. These policies and programmes are now yielding fruitful results for all to see in Gombe today.

– Go-Health: is a Contributory healthcare policy that provides easy access to quality and affordable Healthcare service delivery for all by.

-GOGIS: Gombe geographic information system focuses on redefining land administration management from the previous and costly analogue means to a modern digital and cost effective approach for accuracy and efficiency in all land dealings.

– GOSTEC: Is part of the Gombe State’s human capital development initiatives that targets the empowerment of Youth in the areas of traffic, environment and other social services-related engagements.

– GO- CARES: is a prototype of the FG’s economic recovery initiative domesticated by the Gombe state government through the investment of about 8.5 billion naira to support small-scale business owners, peasant farmers, groups and associations to improve their economy crippled by the devastating effects of Covid 19 pandemic. The State government’s funded project targets over 288 thousand State citizens within the stipulated 2-year program.

-3G project: Gombe goes green project is another Inuwa Yahaya-led administration initiative in collaboration with the World Bank that targets the planting of 4 million Trees across the State within the 4-year term of his government to check the imminent deforestation and environmental degradation resulting from the already manifested global warming.

The environmental project targets the planting of 1 million trees each year hence over 3 million Trees have so far been planted in the 3-year administration of Governor Inuwa Yahaya.

– BESDA is a collaborative educational program by the Gombe state government, FG and the World Bank which focuses on strengthening basic Western education through an inclusive approach of marrying the tsangaya system of studies with modern Western education. Inuwa Yahaya-led administration invested hugely as counterpart fund in the primary education program to ensure the Program’s targeted objectives are achieved.

BESDA program brought about another collaboration effort by the Gombe state government and the National Board for Arabic and Islamic studies (NBAIS) to ensure the examination body certifies any graduated candidate in the combined system of education for employment by the government.

The ongoing collaborative project which so far mopped up and enrolled over four hundred thousand pupils from the street back into the classroom also facilitated the construction of multi-million naira educational facilities that will provide an enabling learning environment for the pupils.

– Network-Eleven- 100: This is one of Governor Inuwa Yahaya’s baby projects which targets the construction of at least 100 kilometres of roads per LGA in Gombe State.

The rationale behind the road construction project is to link all the eleven local government areas of the state to facilitate easy movement of farm produce from hard-to-reach communities as a result of difficult terrain to their targeted destinations as well as improve socio-economic activities.

The project also eases transportation difficulties for commercial activities and other State citizens plying the roads from one LGA to another.

The multi-million naira Dung- Reme Road project which now links Balanga south with the northern part in less than 30 minutes journey is a good example.

Before Governor Inuwa Yahaya’s government came on board, access by the two communities was a herculean task with travellers spending up to 3 hours and crossing over 4 LGAs to reach the other side of the divide within the same local government.

The Network of eleven hundred projects has also influenced the reconnection of the 4 long separated LGAs of Dukku, Nafada, Funakaye and Kwami when the project facilitated the construction of the multi-million naira Wuro Bapparu Bridge along Birin Fulani-Birin Bolawa axis after years of neglect by the previous governments which reconnected the 4 LGAs and by implication reactivated social and commercial activities among those communities.

The road project also links several suburban communities in the metropolis with the main city routes. Residents of London Mai Dorawa, Kagarawal, Unguwa Uku, Malam Inna, Kundulum and Wuro Shi’e can give testimony to this development.

– solar Powered Streetlights: Powering the State capital’s major streets cost-effectively through the adoption of a modern solar power approach. With the unprecedented hike in the price of diesel, one would, but commend the foresight of Governor Inuwa Yahaya in adopting renewable energy methods to power our state and make it a shining example for others.

– Muhammadu Buhari Industrial Park: This gigantic project targets the creation of a large commercial hub that will attract both local and foreign investors to operate in various commercial activities which by extension provides job opportunities for the State’s teeming youths.

Governor Inuwa Yahaya-led administration so far solely invested almost 16 billion naira for the first phase of the project with contractors already mobilised to the site while the site has already taken shape with facilities being erected. Also, investors from across the country are trooping to express their interest in securing an investment space.

Economic analysts opine that the 1000-hectare investment hub will not only provide job opportunities for the State’s teeming youths but will also improve the State’s internally generated revenue that will provide other windows of additional developmental projects in other sectors of the State’s economy.

Aside from establishing the Gombe State leadership and citizenship training Centre which will prepare our teeming youths that will soon come into effect we should also not forget what Governor Inuwa Yahaya’s government is doing to ensure the Oil exploration activities in the Kolmani area of Gombe state sees the light of the day.

It should be noted that initiating the highlighted projects by Governor Inuwa Yahaya did not stop him from completing some inherited projects abandoned by the immediate past government; projects such as Gombe mega motor park started in 2012 but yet left uncompleted by 2019, and many township roads with only compensation paid.

What is worthy of note is that the survival and continuity of all the highlighted projects for solid existence depend on Governor Inuwa Yahaya’s administration’s continuity come 2023 else enemies of progress will be a threat to the institutions existence because in their quest to discredit his achievements many projects may be terminated and by implication Gombe State citizens will be the ones to feel the multiplier effect of such irrational decision.

Gombawa is now the judge to determine their fate.

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