Governor Inuwa’s Exceptional Legacies That Propel Gombe State To Enviable Heights

Within about 26 years of its creation, the Gombe state has witnessed different regimes. But of all of them, the present administration under Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya is the cream of the crop due to some compelling facts which make its performance unique in the quest for the development of Gombe State.

1. It is the only Government in the history of Gombe State that met the state with over 100 billion debt profile but yet manages to execute meaningful projects within three years in office. This is proof of Governor Inuwa’s leadership efficiency, agility, and dexterity in managing minimum resources to achieve maximum results.

2. Gombe State since its creation in 1996 never had a comprehensive blueprint with clear targets and practicable strategies to guide its developmental drives in both public and private spheres until the coming of Dan Maje under whom Gombe State produced a ten-year development plan tagged, Development Agenda for Gombe State, “Devagom”; the first ever in the history of the state.

3. Gombe State has never benefitted from collaborations with development partners from within and outside the country like during Governor Inuwa’s Regime. Health, Agriculture, and Human Capital Development Gombawa have undoubtedly benefitted immensely from the opportunities these connections, collaborations, partnerships, and cooperation have provided across all critical sectors.

4. After years of the contest and political tussle to lead the state for the sake of his people, Gov. Yahaya has justifiably proven his preparedness to lead and his ideas have since been translated into viable policies, and programmes, and projects. In Education he brought BESDA, in Health he introduced GoHealth, in Environment he initiated 3G, in Land Administration he Standardized GOGIS, In industrial Development he is building Multi-billion Naira Muhammadu Buhari Industrial Park, in Infrastructures, he has the Network 1100, in Human Capital Development he came up with ARC-P, GoSTEC, Go-Cares, etc.

5. Ours is the governor who has never spent more than a month outside Gombe State. He is always close to his people attending to their problems and needs. He always uses every slightest opportunity he gets to serve his people by exploring new horizons for their benefitor by fortifying the existing structures.

So, when the argument is about development and excellence, Governor Inuwa has won the battle, but when it is about pleasing the ego of some people who want to come back to enrich themselves from our common resources, then we all have another battle to fight not by weapons of course but by the power of our votes.

Long live Gombe State under Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya.

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