Governor Inuwa’s Sagacious Leadership Style: A Clear Blueprint For The Transformation Of Gombe State

By Malam Fa’izu Muhammad 

With determination, focus, and courage, driven by the mission to transform Gombe State, Governor Muhammad Inuwa Yahaya has undoubtedly succeeded in laying the foundation for a greater Gombe State.

Since he assumed office three years ago, Gov. Inuwa has invested a greater chunk of the State’s resources in building critical infrastructures and in the transformation of all sectors of the States economy for the benefit of the people.

Working with a 10years blueprint for the development of Gombe State, the last two years have seen the Governor focusing on ensuring stability in developing critical infrastructures across the State. Dan Majen Gombe also sustained the policy of ensuring good governance which has remained the hallmark of the present administration.

The present administration under Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya has made appreciable progress in sectors such as Agriculture, Infrastructure, Commerce, and Industry as well as human capital development. With a deliberate emphasis on probity and accountability, elimination of corruption, and complete value re- orientation; in short, the administration has made good governance a priority.

Aside from establishing a partnership between Gombe State and Lincoln University and major international donor agencies, the government undertook major reforms toward increasing its internally generated revenue by more than 250% in 2021 alone.

Similarly, the administration undertook the construction of kilometers 11-100 road projects across the State.

The administration need also be commended for its massive investments in education by constructing blocks of classrooms in over 500 schools. The administration also renovated some iconic schools among others.

With so many investments in the health sector. The administration has provided and upgraded new and existing healthcare facilities across the State.

Furthermore, the Government’s huge investment in the youth and women development sub-sector has received tremendous encouragement.

In the critical sector of security, Gombe under Governor Inuwa Yahaya has also recorded unparalleled peace and security due to deliberate efforts made by the people’s governor, e.g. establishment of the Ministry of Internal Security and Ethical Orientation.

The last three years of Gov. Inuwa Yahaya’s administration are no doubt an era that will remain indelible in the history of the State.

While it is expected that so much more is left to be achieved, amidst dwindling financial resources, one will not be overstating the obvious that the Dan Majen Gombe administration is no doubt one that is for this season and has met the yearning and aspirations of the people.

4+4 is assured Insha’Allah.

Malam Fa’izu Muhammad writes for GISTAG

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