Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa: The Unifying Force Towards APC Victory In Ondo State

By Olufemi Lawson

As the All Progressives Congress (APC) gears up for the governorship primary in Ondo State in April this year, the impending candidacy of Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa signifies not only hope and unity, but also a sure path for the party’s victory, during the November 2024 Governorship election, in the State. With unwavering support from members, leaders, and supporters of the APC, across the state, Governor Aiyedatiwa stands as the surest path to victory in the forthcoming November 2024 Ondo state governorship election.

Governor Aiyedatiwa’s widespread popularity among the people of Ondo state is undeniable. His leadership has resonated with citizens from all walks of life, earning him their trust and admiration. The level of grassroots support being enjoyed today, by Lucky Aiyedatiwa, is a testament to his dedication to serving the people and addressing their needs, as visibly demonstrated, over the past few months, of assuming the position of the Executive Governor of Ondo state..

Unlike some other aspirants jostling for the APC governorship ticket, Governor Aiyedatiwa boasts a clean political record devoid of controversy. His virtues of patience, tolerance, and team spirit have endeared him to both party members and the electorate, making him a unifying figure within the APC.

In just a few months of assuming office as governor, Aiyedatiwa’s leadership has already borne fruit, attracting numerous newcomers to the APC, particularly from the major opposition party, the PDP. His inclusive governance approach has bridged political divides and fostered a sense of belonging among all residents of Ondo State.

Governor Aiyedatiwa’s track records and dedication to the development of Ondo state are beginning to speak for itself. His administration has initiated impactful programmes and policies aimed at improving the lives of Ondo State residents.

Moreover, Aiyedatiwa’s astute leadership style has garnered respect and admiration from within the APC ranks and beyond. His ability to navigate complex political landscapes while remaining steadfast in his principles sets him apart as a true statesman and a visionary leader.

In the face of mounting challenges and uncertainties, Governor Aiyedatiwa remains steadfast in his resolve to lead Ondo State to greater heights. His candidacy represents continuity, stability, and progress for the APC, offering a clear path forward for the party and the state.

As the APC prepares for the governorship primary, party members and leaders must rally behind Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa. His candidacy embodies the hopes and aspirations of the people of Ondo State, and his leadership promises a brighter future for all. For the APC Leaders and members, in Ondo State, now is the time, to unite behind Governor Aiyedatiwa and secure victory for the APC in the forthcoming November 2024 Ondo state governorship election.


Olufemi Lawson is the Executive Director, the Centre for Public Accountability (CPA). He sent in this piece from Akure, Ondo State.