Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya The Pace Setter And History Maker

By Malam Fa’izu Muhammad

Governor Muhammad Inuwa Yahaya has indeed made a significant history in Gombe State. His dexterity and all-inclusive leadership has successfully united the people of Gombe State, secured the state from crime, developed the erstwhile decayed infrastructures, building youths and women in leadership among other people-oriented projects and programmes.

Governor Inuwa Yahaya has been commended all over the state for his honesty, fairness, equity, justice, and equity governance. The governor’s superlative performance in education, health, security, infrastructures, and all sectors has made him stand tall among all other state governors in the federation.

Apart from his prodigy in security, the governor had severally demonstrated his capacity in uniting the ethnic, tribal, and culturally diverse people of the state as justified by his approach to sensitive security issues relating to ethnicity culture, or religion.

The youth-friendly governor has invested tremendously in youths and women. Governor Inuwa Yahaya had surpassed the 35 percent affirmative action for women in the state considering the numerous empowerment programmes launched by his administration targeting youths, women, and other vulnerable groups all to ease life and provide succor to the people.

Governor Inuwa Yahaya has been executing legacy projects that were equitably distributed across the senatorial districts of the state the infrastructural development and empowerment programmes are crafted to satisfy all and sundry. The Rural roads are being constructed and rehabilitated, upgrading of schools and hospitals, rural electrifications, etc.

In addition, the energetic governor has the strength, experience, and stamina to his advantage with a lot of energy and intellectual capacity that can be deployed for the progress of the country. It is these qualities of equity and inclusiveness that endeared the governor to youths/old across the State that are clamouring for him to declare for a Second Term.

Therefore it is pertinent to urge the people to continue to support the governor and his administration to continue to deliver dividends of democracy and good governance to the people of Gombe state and Nigeria at large.

We are grateful to this amicable governor for taking the lead as far as the legacy project is concerned in Nigeria and called on people to unanimously mobilise their support for the Dan major Gombe to declare for Second Term 2023.

Written by Malam Fa’izu Muhammad of GISTAG

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