Group Calls On #Obidients To Guard Against Antics Of Opposition

The Integrity Youth Alliance has urged #Obidients Worldwide to take precautions against the opposition parties’ tricks during the upcoming presidential election in February 2023.

In response to a recent tweet from @aemond, which is thought to be a fake account given the date the account was opened and the number of followers, the Publicity Secretary of the Alliance, Danjuma Lamido, claimed that the opposition, particularly the All Progressive Congress, a failed ruling party, is responsible for the fake account because they were unable to match the #Obidients Movement with facts and figures and therefore created the account to weaken the movement.

It is very regrettable that the All Progressive Congress, a failed ruling party, would stoop to the level of setting up a phony account to spread untrue rumors about Peter Obi, who will become the next president of Nigeria on June 12, 2023.

Lamido took the opportunity to encourage the #Obidients Movement as a whole to keep up the pressure on the opposition by laying out facts and figures about Peter Obi’s accomplishments and his plans for Nigerians if he is elected president of Nigeria in 2023.

Lamido reminded the #Obidients Movement that Peter Obi cares about improving the lives of Nigerians, regardless of their ethnicity; he is a man who is concerned about every Nigerian citizen, wants to increase employment opportunities, and wants to address insecurity.

“Peter Obi is one of the select few politicians from the Southeast with nationwide support. He is regarded as trustworthy and effective.

“Vote with your conscience; don’t let political jingles, ads, or propaganda influence you. You are the future. You live this life. The statement ended with the advice to “make the right choice and be #OBIDIENT.”

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