Group Calls On Oil Marketers To Compliment NNPC Fuel Distribution Process

A civil society organization, Integrity Youth Alliance, has called on oil marketers to assist the Nigeria National Petroleum Company Limited in ensuring that all filling stations have an adequate supply.

According to a press release on Saturday signed by the Chairman, Board of Trustees of the Integrity Youth Alliance, Comrade Adewole Kehinde, he said there is no reason for the present scarcity because the Nigeria National Petroleum Company Limited has released 387.6 million litres to Lagos and Abuja.

“It is unfortunate that some members of the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN), prefer to hoard the products to sell above the regulated price to make a marginal profit,” Adewole said.

The statement read, “We called on the regulatory authority to intensify its monitoring effort by working round the clock by withdrawing the licenses of marketers hoarding and selling at night to black marketers.”

The statement said the regulatory authorities should intensify their efforts to ensure proper monitoring is carried out in other cities where the regulatory authorities are not monitoring them and they are selling above the pump price.

Recall that a tweet by the Nigeria National Petroleum Company Limited gave the breakdown of petrol distributed to Nigerians through retail filling stations from February 14 to February 20, 2022, which represented an average daily distribution of 55.4 million litres.

A breakdown of the NNPC Weekly National Evacuation Report released on Wednesday showed that 80 per cent of all the Premium Motor Spirit took place at 20 high loading depots, while 20 per cent took place at the other loading depots.

The NNPC said the top 20 high loading depots used were Pinnacle-Lekki, which evacuated the highest volume of 70.8 million litres; NIPCO, 22.6 million litres; and AITEO, 22.3 million litres.

Others include Swift, 16 million litres; 11 Plc, 15.9 million litres; Bovas Bulk, 15 million litres; and Frado, 14.6 million litres.
The NNPC named other depots to include Keonamex with 13.7 million litres; MRS Ltd., 11.9 million litres; Rainoil, 11.6 million litres; AYM Shafa, 11.2 million litres; and TSL, 11.2 million litres.

It continued, “Rainoil Lagos, 11.2 million litres; Matrix, 10 million litres; Conoil Lagos, 9.7 million litres; AA Rano, 8.8 million litres; Bluefin, 8.4 million litres; HOGL, 8.2 million litres; Ibafon Calabar, eight million litres; and Mainland, 7.5 million litres.”

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