Group Commends Federal High Court Yenagoa

………………Says Political parties and the security are not personal properties of party leaders and chieftains

A civil society group, under the aegis of the APC Democracy Vanguard has extolled the Judiciary for their courage and deliberate effort at sanitizing the chaotic Nigerian internal Democratic Practices of political parties.

The group in a statement signed by the leader Comrade Ayibadoubra Jacobs, made particular reference to the Judge, Federal High Court Yenagoa, Hon. Justice J. E. Inyang for her far reaching decision, stressing that it was a monumental development in the jurispondence of pre-election matters.

In his words, ‘The far reaching decision of Hon. Justice J.E. Inyang, Judge, Federal High Court, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, is a landmark development in the jurispondence of pre-election matters especially as it relates to the adherence of political actors to the constitution and guidelines of the party in the conduct of internal party affairs and this decision deserves immense commendations and support.’

The group through its spokesperson further emphasized that support for her decision at the recent judgement in Yenagoa, Bayelsa, nullifying the Senatorial bye-election primaries conducted by the APC on grounds of non compliance with the party guidelines and Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, had the capacity to sanitize the chaotic and oppressive Nigerian Internal democratic practices in all political parties.

The group equally commended her courage despite blackmails, intimidation and unfounded petitions, quoting from her judgement in the case filed by aggrieved APC members, seeking the nullification of the APC senatorial bye election primaries, where she held as follows:

 ‘The time has come for the chieftains of political parties in this country to desist from their acts of lawlessness and impunity and abide by the constitution and guidelines of their political parties so that democratic norms and principles which will advance good governance, will thrive’.

The Honourable Judge further held that ‘The registered members have rights as well in the electoral process that will not be trammeled upon by party leaders and chieftains.’

The group supported the position that the time had come for Judges, the superior and trial courts to stand and defend the oppressed members of political parties who are victims of arbitrariness and impunity by Godfathers, chieftains and political leaders.

Comrade Jacobs stressed that political parties anywhere including those in our dear country Nigeria, are public national institutions and not personal properties of political leaders as it is the case.

Jacobs in his statement conveyed the gross displeasure of the group at the unconstitutional and unethical actions of party leaders and chieftains aimed at intimidating judges, condemning it in its entirety. He said, legal matters must be resolved through legal means and not the use of ‘Federal might’ and the security apparatus to intimation, blackmail and harass judges as observed in the APC, Bayelsa

‘We hereby stand in solidarity and urge the Judiciary to remain firm and courageous in the jurispondence of political matters and continue to compel political parties, leaders and chieftains to respect the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the electoral act and guidelines of the political parties’ he said.

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