Group Wants Traditional Rulers’ Roles Included In Constitution Amendment, Hold Governors Accountable

A group called Alliance For The Defence of Niger Delta, ADND, on Thursday, demanded urgent constitutional amendments to empower traditional rulers and ensure greater accountability among state governors in Nigeria.

The leader of ADND made this demand, Comrade Johnson Emere Mba-Ngei, at a press conference held in Port Harcourt.

According to Mba-Ngei, this call comes in response to the pressing need to address Nigeria’s security challenges and enhance governance accountability, as highlighted in a recent article titled “Mohammed Ndarani Mohammed SAN Advocates Empowering Traditional Rulers: A Solution to Nigeria’s Security Challenges and Governance Accountability.”

“The article, published on Opinion Nigeria, underscores the insights of Mohammed Ndarani Mohammed, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), who advocates for empowering traditional rulers as a crucial strategy to tackle Nigeria’s security challenges. Traditional rulers, deeply rooted in their communities, possess unique knowledge and influence that can significantly contribute to maintaining peace and order at the grassroots level, Mba-Ngei reiterated.

He also recalled that in line with these recommendations, the Alliance For The Defence of Niger Delta emphasizes the need for specific amendments to the Nigerian Constitution to facilitate the active engagement of traditional rulers in the security affairs of their domains. Strengthening the role of traditional institutions in collaboration with law enforcement agencies is essential for effective community policing and the protection of lives and property in the Niger Delta region and beyond.

“Furthermore, the Alliance For The Defence of Niger Delta calls for the urgent removal of the immunity clause for governors as enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution. The immunity clause has been a barrier to holding state governors accountable for misconduct and mismanagement of public resources. By eliminating this clause, governors will be subject to scrutiny and legal action, promoting transparency, accountability, and good governance at the state level.

In conclusion, he said, “The Alliance For The Defence of Niger Delta urges all stakeholders, including lawmakers, government officials, civil society organizations, and the general public, to support these constitutional amendments. By empowering traditional rulers and ensuring accountability among state governors, we can collectively address Nigeria’s security challenges and foster a more transparent and responsive governance system for the benefit of all Nigerians.

The Alliance For The Defence of Niger Delta is a non-governmental organization committed to promoting peace, justice, and sustainable development in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. ADND advocates for the protection of the rights and interests of the people of the Niger Delta and works towards addressing the socio-economic and environmental challenges facing the region.