Hero Of Democracy Award: Eze Expresses Gratitude To Nigerian Youths For The Honour

…… Turns Down Offer
…… Cites Corruption, Nepotism, Feeble Democracy, Failed Leadership as Reasons.

Erstwhile National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New People’s Democratic Party (nPDP) and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze has commended the youths of Nigeria for recognizing the impacts of his consistent advocacy for democracy and good governance and his inputs in the development of society with a planned award investiture as Hero of Democracy 2023.

In a letter dated October 8, 2023, issued by Nigeria Youths Initiative for Peace and Good Governance through Comr. John Jerome Mainasara, the group’s Head of Missions, the body conveyed their gratitude to Chief Eze for his unwavering media advocacy committed to assessing and where necessary, critiquing the leadership performances of public office holders who oftentimes snub the duties shouldered on them by virtue of the positions they hold in trust for the people, against the terms of their social contract.

The group also recognized Eze’s selfless, efficient, and effective service towards the development of the Nigerian State by being a guardian and censor of public manners through his regular media releases and thus offered to confer on him the “HERO OF DEMOCRACY IN NIGERIA AWARD”, to spur him to do more for the public good.

However, reacting to the offer, Chief expressed sincere appreciation to Nigerian youths through the leadership of the Nigeria Youths Initiative for Peace and Good Governance for considering him worthy of such an honour but expressed reservations about the recognition given that despite the efforts of good-spirited Nigerians with good intentions to climb the ladder of power and effect the change the country yearns, institutional corruption has continued to mount a blockade, forming a clog on the wheel of the country’s efforts to make progress.

He said he regrets rejecting such an award conferment but has to turn it down nonetheless given the criticality of the moment when the country and her people are faced with suffering and embarrassment within and outside and given the roles he played in bringing into power the political party that has ushered Nigeria into her worst period in existence.

“It will be very unkind to be celebrating over this recognition when the entire world currently views Nigeria and Nigerians as fraudsters, identity thieves, and blatant certificate forgers”, he noted.

“Today, many Nigerians outside the country are being frustrated out of their work because of the situation our leaders have turned this country into.

The level of criminality, kidnapping, corruption, and killing is not only unprecedented but unacceptable and to confer me with an award not minding these factors is to me the most vicious and insensitive thing.”

“What is there to be conferred with an award when our situation has degenerated to the level where a miscarriage of justice is being celebrated In the judiciary where justice is given to the highest bidder.?

“What is the essence of the conferment when Corruption has been institutionalized? Corruption walks freely in all facets of the polity. Unabated corruption in the political space, the judiciary, and even in the armed forces has turned into a norm.”

“My conscience wouldn’t allow me the pleasure of that honour when insecurity ravages the country with organized crime being perpetuated by the law enforcement agents themselves”, Eze noted.

Further, he said “Today, Poverty and hunger in the land have increased to an alarming rate and the rate of unemployment has continued to rise at a geometrical pace.
The standard of our education is appalling; morals have gone to the dogs.”

Eze called on Nigerian Youths, particularly the leadership of the Nigerian Youth Initiative for Peace and Good Governance to understand with him the reasons advanced for turning down the recognition and join him to continue in prayers for God’s intervention in the messy situation the country has been thrown into.