Hon. Ahmed Walama, The Man Behind PDP’s Success Story In Gombe State Decamps To APC

Malam Fa’izu Muhammad,

The success of any organization, group, association, and union depends on the kind of people piloting its affairs, to make it grow to climax to its dreams and visions.

The purpose they say is the driving vision of a man that knows exactly the picture of what tomorrow or the future holds for a promising organization.

The story of Hon. Ahmed Abubakar Walama (Dan Galadiman Dukku) can be best described as one of the many iconic Gombe indigenes who radically worked hard to promote and sell the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP); the efforts that brought the party to power 16 years ago.

Walama’s contribution and selfless services among others left him an indisputable strong pillar in the steering of the governance in the state, he is also a locomotive engine room with an exceptional capability and ability to sustain and contain all and sundry. Another quality he possesses is a diplomatic style of approach to matters.

However, his commitment to the service of his former party is another point of view, his bold anticipation and courageous steps in settling internal issues are what left him standing tall and unbeatable.

Hon Walama, being a man of few words are nuggets that contributed to the growth and expansion of PDP in Gombe state.

When I perused his documented story through his close associates, I discovered Walama was a celebrated staunch supporter of PDP who through hard work of service became a local government Chairman for 7 years, and a Commissioner for 8 years, with impressive and remarkable results.

The name Walama is a household name in the game of politics in the state because of his humble background, patience, endurance, and tolerance. Going close to this man who has indelible footprints in politics, one will certainly adjudge that he is indeed a great politician with many unsung songs of his numerous contributions to the development of the state as a whole, and the empowerment of many individuals in particular.

Salama is known to be a hardworking politician with ardent principles and political ideologies. At a point throughout his political life, as political activities kept unfolding, taking new shapes and bringing different dimensions, Walama decamped to APC.

The likes of Walama are indeed rare, few and hard to get as; honesty, straightforwardness, humility, hard work, simplicity, good morals and a high level of intelligence characterized this great personality.

Salama is never known to jostle for a post, competing or struggling for something; Indeed, he is a great man with a high sense of leadership qualities. I pray destiny and fate will find you out again, very soon to avail you of the opportunity to make Nigeria great.

I can assure His Excellency, Muhammadu Inuwa Yahya, Governor of Gombe State that Walama is a repository of knowledge and skills for winning elections. He can avail APC of the compendium of elections victory!

Long live Gombe State!
Long live The Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Malam Fa’izu Muhammad writes from Tudun Wada, Shamaki Ward, Gombe.

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