How Dirty Fuel Logistics/Supply-chain Crisis Was Averted By Mele Kyari’s Led NNPC Ltd And Ministry Of Petroleum Resources

President Buhari and NNPC’s actions to eliminate supply-chain snarls occasioned by Adulterated Fuel have staved off a national energy crisis in Nigerian Economy, homes and private-sector companies says P-PESPI.

This was contained in a press release on Thursday, 24th February 2022 signed by P-PESPI Chairman, Charles Ibiang.

Ibiang commended the NNPC Ltd for creating a multi Stakeholders task force to address the high prices and shortages of Petrol, and crucial components, thanks to the quick response for withdrawal of the Adulterated fuel from circulation and dealing with the Petroleum Sector related labor and demand issues.

NNPC Ltd was able to achieve this feat by pushing for a round-the-clock port operations, new transport rules and enlisting the help of big retailers including the strategic deployment of NIGERIA Security Agencies. These efforts has yielded good results which lead to significant progress in the distribution of the clean PMS to filling Stations.

Even though Nigerians are still experiencing long queues at the retail points in filling Stations, P-PESPI attributed this to the greedy profiteering of unpatriotic marketers and individuals taking advantages of the Adulterated Fuel debacle.

While we still hold the opinion that investigations as directed by President Buhari should be carryout and anybody, no matter how highly placed, who is found culpable should be Prosecuted. We wish to use this opportunity to Commend the NNPC Ltd under the leadership of Mele Kyari and Ministry of Petroleum Resources for a job Well done in averting a much – predicted National Energy disaster that didn’t occurs.

We are witnessing PMS deliveries happening at a faster rate than before the crisis of the off Spec fuel.

A record number of Petroleum Products are moving through our Southern Lagos ports faster, with shipping cargoes wait time cut in half, this is a logistics and supply Chain miracle.

P-PESPI acknowledged that supply-chain issues are “not all solved” but are satisfied that “most of the Petroleum products are been delivered to the final consumers.

While we believe that a national inquiry should be conducted into the Importation of the Adulterated Fuel, to arrest the culprits and to forestall future Occurrences, the current investigations in the middle of this crisis by both the security Agencies and National Assembly is premature, and distraction to NNPC Ltd to solving the problems at hand.

P-PESPI is of the opinion that, Let’s address the issues first. And going by the new PIA, The NNPC Ltd Board should be saddled with the responsibility of initiating and designing the Structure of the Probe based on experts and professional industry knowhow into the Adulterated Fuel debacle.

We should learn to trust our institutions created by legislation, by supporting them to do their job professionally.
NNPC Ltd is now a private business entity with limited Govt involvement. Investors are normally wary of unnecessary Political interference.

Recall, the Companies are direct representative of NNPC Ltd by extension, because of her position as the Sole Importer of PMS in Nigeria. Infact, these companies are under a business contractual agreement with NNPC Ltd, through the DSDP business model, they do so on behalf of NNPC Ltd.

Therefore, by virtue of the new PIA, the board is Inaugurate to set direction and has the statutory obligations by law to meet and take appropriate action first, since the whole issues are business and commercial dealings initiated and perfected by internal procurement processes within NNPC Ltd which the Board gave Approval.

There is a need for self regulation, investigations and appropriate sanctions by them.

Secondly, NMDPRA as the regulatory agency is saddle with the responsibility to carryout both an independent and joint investigations with NNPC Ltd Inspectors and report to the NNPC Ltd Board. The Board having deliberate on the Reports, make recommendations by forwarding same to Mr President and Ministry of Petroleum for further directive.

The National Assembly make and passed the bills setting up these Agencies into law, therefore they should allow for institutional strengthening, capacity building and experience to come to bear. Constant meddling by too much external Actors may erode confidence and institutional growth.

P-PESPI position is that, as a Nation, we should be advocating for building strong and sustainable Institutions. Developed Nations are built on processes, systems and strong institutions.

Unless, we give support to our institutions, impunity will continue to reign and chaos will continue to govern our national consciousness. This haphazard ways of doing things will lead to extortion and Corruption.

The National Assembly at this present point, even though they have the legal right for oversighting, doesn’t have any business with the commercial entities, what they should be worried about, is to take advantage of the information provided by NNPC Ltd during her maiden media briefing on the subject matter, that Methanol check is not part of the standard inspection Protocol, by setting modalities in motion to making new methanol law for the Country in view of the global Petroleum transitory realities to strengthen the Regulatory Inspection Protocol for the Country.

Institutional resilience, experience and memory for a Country are deepen during crisis like this Adulterated Fuel debacle.

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