How To Revive The Land Of The Living Dead: Octogenarian Buhari Picks Septuagenarian Gambari Chief Of Staff

By Bayo Oluwasanmi

When President Muhammadu Buhari signed the not-too-young to rule into law, the Nigerian youths went frenzy with the news. But every appointment made by Buhari makes mockery of the law.

From bungled decisions and actions taken by Buhari on critical national and international issues, it is evident that there’s leadership age gap disconnect between him and Nigerian youths. The exclusion of our youths in decision making process to issues that directly affect their fortune and future, effectively debunks the cliche that “youths are the leaders of tomorrow.”

The youths make up the majority of our demography, yet they  remain stunted at best and stifled at worst at the bottom of our political leadership while the octogenarians control the levers of power.

We should not expect anything progressive, purposeful, and productive from septuagenarian Gambari as chief of staff. Why does Buhari keeps appointing people who are at their departure lounge of life to important positions?

Buhari appoints people who he “trusts” and people who share  his reactionary world view to progressivism. He’s comfortable with people who can advance the Fulani agenda that’s rooted in hegemony, terrorism, barbarism, and tyranny. He appoints people who will pursue his vision of taking Nigeria back further into the dark ages of tyranny, poverty, disease, and ignorance. Of course, he selects those who will serve as conduits of corruption and malfeasance that will funnel our common wealth to the benefits of the northerners.

Gambari is over qualified to inject new blood to the reign of terror that’s the hallmark of Buhari presidency. In this wise, Gambari comes to Aso Rock with impressive resume as a disciple of military dictatorship and as a fierce opponent of democracy and civil liberties. Here’s Gambari’s abbreviated resume:

. He publicly and vigorously General Sanni Abacha for the execution of Ogoni environmentalist Ken Saro-Wiwa and other eight Ogoni acitivists.

. He labeled Saro-Wiwa a “common criminal” who murdered Ogoni chiefs.

. He supported and encouraged the gap-tooth buffoon dictator Ibrahim Babangida to annul the 1993 presidential election that gave victory to MKO Abiola. The election was the freest and fairest election in the history of Nigeria.

. As a relentless and vocal supporter of military dictatorships, he argued that “Nigerians don’t need democracy because democracy is not food. It is not the priority now.

. He has always been a reliable, dependable, loyal, and close adviser to all dictators that ever ruled Nigeria.

. He favors dictatorship over democracy.

Gambari like Buhari, won’t be able to exercise or retain the alertness needed for his job. Similarly, Gambari will provide clouded vision unsuitable for the pace, expectations, and civilization of our time. Gambari will fail to shape or influence any policy or program by Buhari to deliver on the expectations of restless unemployed army of Nigerian youths.

Gambari who ought to be enjoying his retirement with his grand children is now saddled with running a dysfunctional, disparate, insensitive, and tone deaf Aso Rock. Gambari’s appointment underscores the comedy of errors that Buhari’s presidency is famous for. Gambari who is well known for his primitive, divisive, and oppressive politics, as chief of staff, he’ll ardently pursue politics of confusion fully anchored on bigotry, division, polarization, intolerance, hate, and  exclusion.

Gambari will hit the ground running in pursuing the ancient evils of Buhari for Nigeria. With Buhari as president and Gambari as chief of staff, the expectation that the government will unlock the potential of our youths by creating economic, political, and social policies for their future and fortune is sealed for the next four years. This is how octogenarian Buhari and septuagenarian Gambari will revive the land of the living dead!

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