I Give Tinubu Distinction Says Rep Member, Agbese

……..Drums support for Abbas

Hon. Philip Agbese (APC- Benue), representing Ado/ Okpokwu/ Ogbadibo Federal Constituency, has reassured Nigerians of a renewed hope under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The lawmaker also reiterated confidence in the leadership of the 10th House of Representatives under Rt Hon Tajudeen Abbas.

Agbese spoke to a cross-section of Nigerians at a meeting by the Political Parties Supporters Network held in Abuja on Saturday.

When asked to evaluate President Tinubu’s first month in office, he responded: “I will give him distinction or excellent depending on the metric. The way the President has gone about some of his breathtaking policies and reform earned him the nickname President ‘Baba Go-fast.’

“I said this because the President has made drastic decisions in just 30 days that successive governments couldn’t in years. The immediate consequences are indeed painful, but the long-term benefits abound.

“Specifically, in the areas of economy and security, our President seems to have a perfect template. Nigeria is now attracting more foreign investors due to favourable financial policies and the return of relative peace across the nation.

“Most notably, the removal of the humongous fuel subsidy through which some greedy oil merchants were cashing out at the expense of the poor the subsidy was meant to help, the unification of the multiple exchange rates where arbitrage walked on all fours and the signing into laws of landmark bills like the new electricity and student loans legislation.

“With the new electricity law, states, companies, and individuals can now generate, transmit and distribute electricity, meaning this important power has been devolved down the ladder. Under the Student Loans law, indigent students will no longer drop out of universities on account of their inability to pay school fees. They will now be offered loans to pay their fees and repay the government later.

“I say this with every sense of sincerity that President Tinubu is a blessing to Nigeria and the best leader for this country at this time.”.

Speaking on Rt Hon Abbas, Agbese added: “The Speaker is another God-sent to the nation. The manner he emerged shows my colleagues, and I have absolute faith in him. He hasn’t failed.

“His Excellency has brought a new dimension to legislation. He epitomizes unity, friendship, and trust. He always has that serious demeanor, yet a big grin comes with it all the time.

“We didn’t expect less, though. For a man with such experience, intellect, and patriotism, it was easily going to be a smooth transition. He has sponsored over 15 bills in less than one month so far despite his busy schedule.

“The signs are positive. With Abbas as Speaker, ready to help the nation move forward, one can tell that our journey to the promised land indeed commenced on May 29th.”

Agbese, therefore, charged Nigerians to rally behind President Tinubu and Abbas as they both mean well for the nation.

He said their performances so far are a pointer that this administration would bring relief to Nigerians in the current hard situation.

According to him, the pair have demonstrated a sound understanding of solutions to the challenges confronting Nigeria as well as the will to tackle them.

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