IBTD: Ajekigbe Mercy Eyitola Wins The 7th Edition Of The ‘I Beg To Differ’ Debate Tournament

14-year-old Ajekigbe Mercy Eyitola of Pacific Comprehensive College emerged as the winner of the seventh edition of the ‘I Beg to Differ’ student debate tournament.

The finals of Nigeria Info’s “I Beg To Differ” student debate tournament saw Adenike Adepetu and Ajekigbe Mercy Eyitola for the grand prize of One Million Naira.

The final debate saw the debaters argue the topic, ‘Resource control is the solution to terrorism.’

Adenike, in support of the motion, argued that terrorist groups rely on resources to operate and that a thorough control of these resources by the government at all levels will disrupt terrorist networks.

She added that by controlling and plugging the several illicit routes used by terrorists to acquire funds, the government can degrade the capabilities of these terrorist groups.

Ajekigbe Mercy Eyitola, in opposition, stated that terrorism stems from complex socio-political issues, not just resource control.

She insists that resource control does not solve the underlying ethnic and religious conflicts that fuel terrorism.

For the second topic of the final, ‘World peace is unattainable,’

Mercy, in support of the motion, stated that the unending and ever-rising global inequality has and will continue to fuel global conflicts, thus making the attainment of world peace an illusion.

She added that with several weapon manufacturers making a profit from wars, world peace appears very unattainable.

Adenike, on the other hand, argued that with continuous diplomacy and treaties between nations, world peace can be attainable.

The judges, having considered carefully the arguments, points, and rebuttals of the finalists, declared Ajekigbe Mercy Eyitola the winner of the tournament.

In the third-place debate, Ebitare Marvellous Kuku defeated Adio Afolarin to secure the third spot in the tournament.