IDDRR: NEMA Applauds The Effective Application Of Disaster Risk Reduction Techniques

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) on the 13th of October, 2023 marked the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction with an event held at the agency’s conference hall. This day served as a momentous occasion to acknowledge the significant progress made in reducing the impact of disasters and preserving the well-being and livelihoods of communities.

NEMA’s Director General, Mustapha Habib Ahmed, alongside the agency’s management team and various stakeholders, came together to celebrate the successful implementation of disaster risk reduction strategies over the past decade, aligning with global best practices.

The DG in his remarks pointed out that the theme of this year’s commemoration, “Fighting Inequality for a Resilient Future,” emphasizes the importance of addressing disparities and vulnerabilities in disaster risk management. It underscores the need to create a more equitable and resilient society, where no one is left behind in the face of disasters.

Also at the event were representatives of some stakeholders including the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Federal Fire Service, Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corp, Nigerian Red Cross Society, and SDG office.

In recent years, the world has witnessed an increase in the frequency and intensity of natural and human-made disasters. These events have disproportionately affected marginalized and disadvantaged communities, exacerbating inequalities. NEMA’s commitment to “Fighting Inequality for a Resilient Future” signifies a dedication to reducing these disparities, ensuring that the most vulnerable receive the support they need to withstand disasters and recover effectively.

Disaster risk reduction is a holistic approach that encompasses disaster preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery. NEMA and similar agencies worldwide have recognized that addressing inequality is integral to the success of these efforts. By prioritizing the needs of the most vulnerable, such as low-income communities, people with disabilities, and the elderly, we can build a more resilient society that can bounce back from disasters and emerge stronger.

Over the past decade, NEMA and its partners have achieved significant milestones in disaster risk reduction. These include improving early warning systems, enhancing community preparedness, and fostering a culture of resilience. Such achievements contribute to a safer and more equitable future.

As we celebrate the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, it’s essential to reflect on the progress made and the challenges that lie ahead. By continuing to fight inequality and promote resilience, we can build a more secure and prosperous world for all, where disasters no longer result in catastrophic loss and suffering. NEMA’s commitment to this cause is a testament to the dedication of its staff and the importance of disaster risk reduction in safeguarding our future.

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