IGP Egbetokun Decorates 27 Senior Officers

The Inspector General of Police, IGP Kayode Egbetokun, decorated 27 senior officers on Friday who had recently been promoted from their previous ranks to a higher rank.

One Deputy Inspector-General of Police, eleven Assistant Inspectors-General of Police, and fifteen Commissioners of Police are among the recently decorated individuals.

Those agitating for promotions were forewarned by Egbetokun throughout the exercise that any officer discovered to be soliciting underserved promotions would face severe disciplinary action.

He said, “At the outset of this administration, we announced the suspension of Special Promotions to ensure a fair, equitable and transparent Promotion process. While we acknowledge that exceptional circumstances may warrant special promotions, we will take appropriate and expedient action when necessary.

“We will revisit this decision at the right time and make exceptions where deserved, balancing individual merit with the need for a fair and equitable process. I will like to take this opportunity, to issue a stern warning to unscrupulous officers who are attempting to undermine our merit-based promotion system, for personal gain. I urge them to cease lobbying for special promotions through influential persons and external forces.


“From now on, severe disciplinary action will be taken against any officer found guilty of soliciting underserved promotions through illicit means, masquerading as special promotions. This also applies to officers soliciting preferential posting.”

The promotions, according to the IGP, were determined by seniority and merit.

“Since the inception of the current Police administration under my leadership, we have been committed to the standardization of the promotion process within the Force. Consequently, the current promotion exercise, like those preceding it under this administration, adheres strictly to new fundamental principles of seniority and merit.

“I wish to reaffirm unequivocally that our promotion process will continue to be transparent and fair to all our officers. No officer eligible for promotion will be denied their rightful advancement,” he said.

Egbetokun while congratulating the newly promoted officers, charged them to strive daily to meet the high standards expected of them.

“I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the newly promoted Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Assistant Inspectors-General of Police, and Commissioners of Police. This marks the Commencement of an exciting chapter in your professional journey.

“I remind you that promotions are earned by those who maintain an unwavering focus on their objectives. Wear your new ranks with pride, and let them serve as constant reminders of the trust and confidence reposed in you. Strive daily to meet the high standards expected of you. Lead with courage, act with integrity, and serve with dedication. Remember, Promotions may come and go, but your hard work will leave a lasting legacy.

“Also, recognize that you are supervisors and trainers of men; all subordinate officers look to you for guidance and mentorship. The quality of your decisions, actions, and inactions will determine the quality of the training you impart to them,” he said.

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