IISID Unveils New Executives, Promises To Tackle Multitudes Of Problem In Africa

The intellectual Icon for sustainable development, A non-governmental Organisation recently registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission unveiled its new set of Executives at its inaugural press briefing to elaborate on its mission which is set to tackle a multitude of challenges across Africa starting from Nigeria.

The Executives are:

Dr. Muritala Shuaib – President
Dr. Doris Akinpelumi – Vice President
Dr. Muideen Gbadamosi – Secretary
Ms. Afusat Ladejobi – Assistant Secretary
Dr. Abayomi Agbeyangi – Director of Strategy and Innovation
Dr. Ejike O. Okpala – Treasurer
Dr. Bashir Ibrahim – Financial Secretary
Dr. Olaiwola Ogunpaimo – Director of Publicity
Mr. Michael Fagbohun – Former President

According to Dr. Muritala Shuaib, a lecturer of French language at Babcock University in Nigeria and IISID’s President, he emphasized the unique challenges faced by each continent and asserted that addressing these challenges is crucial for sustainable impact and development. This was buttressed by Dr. Muideen Gbadamosi, a UK-Coventry University lecturer and the group’s secretary who clarified that IISID comprises intellectuals dedicated to providing lasting solutions to Africa’s socio-economic and environmental challenges.

In their words ‘’IISID aims to collaborate with the government, private sectors, and other stakeholders committed to instigating positive change. The group currently consists of 30 members, and prioritizes transparency in its selection process, focusing on integrity, discipline, research passion, patriotism, and honesty’’. Dr. Olaiwola Ogunpaimo, the group’s Director of Publicity, highlighted various programs initiated by IISID in a short period. He stressed the group’s eagerness to collaborate on community engagement, empowerment, and educational initiatives. He hinted that the group has researched and found solutions to the power generation and distribution problems in Nigeria, and this is contained in a yet-to-be-released 45-page document.

Dr. Doris Akinpelumi, the Vice President of IISID and a lecturer at Babcock University in Nigeria, underscored the group’s openness to suggestions and contributions from interested individuals. She emphasized the organization’s engagement in seeking diverse perspectives and urged relevant stakeholders to embrace the initiatives when they are released to the public. The former President of the group, Mr Fagbohun Michael, and a researcher at the British Columbia University in Canada stressed the readiness of the group to align its mission with AU Agenda 2063 to achieve its aims.

In the concluding remarks, Dr. Abayomi Agbeyangi, a lecturer at Chrisland University in Nigeria and the Director of Strategy and Innovation urged the public to follow up with the activities of the group on the association’s website and social media profiles.