I’m Contesting The Nigerian Presidential Election Because I Am The Most Qualified – Peter Obi

The Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi has said he is the most qualified among other candidates contesting the 2023 presidential election.

Interfacing with the global community of OBIdients Support Groups via zoom on Thursday, 3rd November 2022,  Obi said that Nigeria is like a Corporation that is hiring Managing Director.

“The only way to hire a Managing Director is to look at their past, their education, which school have they passed through, Obi said.

He reiterated that “2023 should not be based on ethnicity, religion or my turn or any other condition

“I am not from the North, I am a Nigerian. I don’t believe I am from this place or that place.

“People should not vote for me because of where I come from.

“Nigeria is 62 years, people from the North have served for 47 years but the 10 poorest states are from the North.

“Highest number of poor people in Nigeria is from the North even when Nigeria has been rated the capital of poverty.

“Highest number of poor people, out-of-school children, unemployed people and school kidnapping is in the north. It is not ethnicity problem but leadership issue.

“Everybody is suffering the same thing irrespective of ethnicity.

“People should not follow me because I am from the East or because I am a Christian

“I am contesting this election because I am the most qualified. I want people to put everything we have on the table.

“It is about the exposure. I passed through the best school anybody can think of. I am a businessman and have been a Director and chaired a corporation. I have been a Governor.

“When I finished in 2015, I became the best Governor in MDGs which is a global measure to measure development such as used in China, India, and Malaysia, and above all, I am the only one who left money.

“If you say you want to fight corruption, let go to where you serve last and know how much money you left and let’s know what is missing there. I have no land allocated to myself, my son, and wife.

“Every other person has turned everything to family affairs.

“I am applying for this job because I have the capacity for the job.

“The biggest asset of Nigeria is the land in the North. The north will forever remain grateful to me because I will change the North.

“Over 60% of the arable land in the North is not cultivated. We have somebody who is coming to change Nigeria. Tell them there is somebody who is coming for real change, pull people out of poverty

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