Imaan Sulaiman-Ibrahim Attends The 2023 International Association Of Chiefs Of Police Conference In San Diego

Nigeria’s Minister of State for Police Affairs, Imaan Sulaiman-Ibrahim is attending the highly anticipated 2023 International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference, which will start from the 14th-17th of October in San Diego, California.

The IACP Conference is a premier event that brings together law enforcement professionals, policymakers, and industry leaders from around the world. With a focus on promoting excellence in policing and fostering collaboration, the conference serves as a platform for sharing best practices, discussing emerging trends, and addressing critical issues affecting law enforcement agencies globally.

Imaan Sulaiman-Ibrahim’s participation in the conference underscores Nigeria’s commitment to enhancing its law enforcement capabilities and strengthening international partnerships.

By attending this prestigious gathering, Minister Sulaiman will engage with counterparts from various nations, exchange knowledge and experiences, and explore innovative strategies to combat crime and maintain public safety.

Minister of State Police Affairs, Imaan Sulaiman-Ibrahim

During the conference, the Minister will participate in panel discussions, deliver keynotes, and engage in bilateral meetings with global law enforcement leaders.

These interactions will provide an opportunity for the Minister to showcase Nigeria’s efforts in modernizing its police force, implementing reforms, and promoting community-oriented policing approaches.

Furthermore, she will emphasize Nigeria’s dedication to leveraging technology and promoting professional development within the Nigerian Police Force. By fostering relationships with international partners, the Minister seeks to enhance cooperation in areas such as intelligence sharing, capacity building, and mutual support in combating transnational criminal activities.

“The Nigerian Ministry for Police Affairs is confident that her participation in the 2023 IACP Conference will further strengthen Nigeria’s position as a responsible and proactive member of the global law enforcement community. The Ministry looks forward to the outcomes of this esteemed event and the potential collaborations that may emerge from it, the statement said.

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