August 12, 2022

Indeed, 2023 Would Be The Sunset For The PDP In Gombe State

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By Malam Fa’izu Muhammad

Today Gombe state has in its bosom the man who is making significant imprints in the sands of time. This outstanding patriot crescendos to the emergence of a new state. His giant strides and force of his vision have made him one of the outstanding Governors in Nigeria. Governor Inuwa Yahaya’s achievements in critical sectors in Gombe state are worthy of note.

From the past to the present, taking a lead on the activities of the Inuwa Yahaya-led Gombe state government, there is a deep need to state that a paradigm shift has occurred in the Gombe governance statute and the narrative of misgovernance and developmental redundancy has been stapled on the administration is a misinformed opinion by the Enemies of Gombe State.

Inuwa Yahaya has unarguably laid a new foundation in Gombe state based on his precept as a prudent manager of men and resources and most importantly his strides in the area of security, road construction, health care, agriculture, historic systemic gender mainstreaming, and women/youths empowerment as the only Governor in the history of Gombe state that has engaged the highest number of women and youths in government in cortical sectors.

Gov. Inuwa Yahaya’s effort to give Gombe women a better deal is unprecedented as he has broken the gender relegation jinx of past administrations and has succeeded in embracing the affirmation of women empowerment and political inclusion with the integration and appointment of over 50 women in the government. He showed himself to be a patriot of profound knowledge, and comprehension and possesses strong due convictions in the unity of the Gombe state. He has successively played a critical role in the harmonization of all tribes and tongues thereby re-positioning the political landscape of the Gombe state.

In the build-up to the forthcoming gubernatorial elections, it is a truism that the Enemies of Gombe State have regrouped and hope to emerge on the saddle for a replicable ascent to our patrimony. But the bad news is that the people are wiser and are ready for the last balkanization of the PDP on the ballot.

Malam Fa’izu Muhammad From GISTAG

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