inq.Digital Explains Service Offerings Through Technology’s Value Chain

….. At inq.Digital, We Offer Technology-as-a-Service – Akosionu

inq.Digital Nigeria, a leading-edge solutions provider has said that its service offering entails letting its customers and partners through the entire value chain of technology, from connectivity, which is a bedrock of technology, all the way down to software.

Speaking at the Africa Tech Alliance (AfriTECH 3.0) Forum held on Wednesday at The Providence Hotel, Ikeja GRA, Mr. Ifeanyi Akosionu, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of inq.Digital Nigeria said the digital service provider offers services from the Internet to broadband connectivity, enabling its customers to connect to their applications and last-mile customers.

“We offer co-location services for partners that are just starting their digital transformation journey. With co-location services, you can bring your servers to our data centre. We also offer voice solutions which you can communicate with an official line to your customers. We give you the platform to be able to digitize, to be able to transform your business,” Akosionu said.

The Chief Executive Officer who spoke through Olumide Obafemi, stated that the vision of the technology startup is to imagine a better world using technology, and being able to do that by constantly learning, innovating, and leaving a lasting legacy for its teeming customers.

He disclosed that inq.Digital’s value proposition is to offer its clients and partners access to cutting-edge digital solutions and give them increased revenue opportunities by allowing them to focus more on innovation and creativity rather than focusing on their daily tasks.

He said that while ensuring that these are achieved, inq.Digital takes care of its client’s operational tasks, by making available the platform for transformation, adding that all these are done by offering competitive pricing and technical support.

“We also have in-country cloud hosting where you can spin up virtual machines, spin up databases for you, and a backup and disaster recovery service for you. In a city like Lagos, this gives you reduced latency and also allows you to comply with Nigeria’s Data Protection law that has just been signed.

“We also have partnerships with public cloud providers such as Microsoft, AWS, and Google that can provide public cloud hosting to you if you don’t want in-country cloud hosting. We are also leading the charge for the revolutionization of artificial intelligence in Africa by building systems that are enhanced and integrated with artificial intelligence.

“We are working on a solution for the FMCG industry, manufacturing industry, to be able to do object counts in their warehouse so you do not have to wait for the supervisor to go and count and have pay-off rate happened; the system can easily do that for you. You can also link it up with your CCTV so you don’t have to employ a CCTV operator, you get real-time incident events on the train,” he added.

Akosionu disclosed that inq.Digital Nigeria has a monitoring solution that can monitor an operator’s network, application and infrastructure in one dashboard and enable him to have a view, react, and be proactive in monitoring and service delivery especially when there is a DNS attack.

On cybersecurity, Akosionu said inq.Digital Nigeria believes that cybersecurity solutions help organisations reduce cyber risks and attacks, and therefore, is in partnership with some cybersecurity providers such as Sophos to enable them to deliver their cybersecurity solutions to their customers.

He stated that inq.Digital also provides Data management and data warehousing solutions that will be able to constantly meet client data across the entire business from Human Resources, finance, and procurement, to analytics, and machine learning, and access the reports on the dashboard.

Akosionu further disclosed that inq.Digital Nigeria has a contact centre solution that is integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) where one can contact their customers. “It has intelligent voice recording so that when your customers call you, you can have an automated response to them and also transfer them to the necessary customer service agent.

“You also have it integrated with CRM, that way you can have your customer history and you can easily follow up with them regularly. All these services can be in the line of basically what we are talking about technology-as-a-service. A managed IT service solution can offer you that. At inq.Digital Nigeria, we offer you security, offer you application development, offer you infrastructure,” Akosionu said.

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