Integrated Gas Handling Facility And LPG Processing & Dispensing Plants Will Boost Domestic Supply And Help Reduce Prices – Mele Kyari

The Group Managing Director of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Mele Kyari has said that Integrated Gas Handling Facility and LPG Processing and Dispensing Plants will grow NNPC’s participation in the LPG value chain, boost domestic supply and help reduce prices while curtailing carbon footprint and deforestation and desertification.

Kyari revealed this on Tuesday at the Presidential commissioning of NPDC’s IGHF Plants built and operated by the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company, an Upstream Subsidiary of NNPC in Oredo, Edo State,

“The conception and delivery of this project hinges principally on NNPC’s commitment to support national aspirations for increased domestic gas utilisation through delivery of lean gas for power generation, fuel and feedstock to commercial customers/gas-based industries & enhance LPG utilization among Nigerian households to support energy efficiency & curtail environmental degradation, Kyari said.

He further said, “The key enablers for the realization of this project are substantially anchored on the strategic vision of President Buhari’s Administration that sets the growth of the gas sector as one of its cardinal priorities to help harness Nigeria’s abundant natural gas reserves to diversify our energy portfolio, accelerate economic growth and increase revenue generation capacity.”

“This project was designed, constructed & delivered with the highest application of Nigerian content for a project of its magnitude. This demonstrates the capability of Nigerians in handling technically complex projects while reducing pressure on the Nation’s constrained Forex.

The IGHF via its LPG Storage and Dispensing Unit dispenses at full throughput about 330 tonnes of LPG per day which is technically equivalent to 16 standard LPG trucks or 20 tonnes, and 345 tonnes or 17 trucks of propane into the domestic gas market.

Analysts aver that the projected supply of 26, 400 cylinders of 12.5 kilograms (kg) of LPG daily to homes in Benin and its environs, will equally bridge existing supply gaps in the local LPG market. This will potentially force down the price of LPG in Benin and make it affordable to most people thus supporting government’s aspiration to make LPG a preferred domestic fuel source.

Locally, the facility is expected to impact on Nigeria’s power sector and domestic LPG market, in addition to progressing the fortunes of its host communities. There are nearly 350 skilled and unskilled personnel that would benefit from the facility.

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