It’s A Lie, Resignations, Defections In Gombe Won’t Affect APC’s Chances

By Amb. Moses Kyari

Every political season comes with its series of political happenings where politicians and their followers align, realign and de-allign all in an attempt to pursue their political interests.

This is the scenario playing out in Gombe State, like every other state. Therefore, the recent resignations by some political appointees under the Gombe Government did not come to many of us as a surprise.

But issues must be placed into proper perspective for unsuspecting Nigerians to know and appreciate where all the so-called resignations and the main actors are coming from.

Gombe is a peculiar place, politically speaking. Since the return of democracy in 1999 when Gombe first had its elected governor, most politicians were exposed to patronage of all kinds, including during the immediate past administration and the one before it. But this time around, it’s all about the people first.

A recent piece by the enemies of Gombe State, who sponsor all sorts of trash against the people-oriented government of Governor Inuwa suggested that the resignations by some politically paper weight appointees in the state would cost the APC victory come 2023. However, this is not the case.

Those that resigned their appointments as political aides in Gombe State did so for some reasons, which are basically political and pecuniary.

And to say that Governor Inuwa Yahaya would not win election next year if he picks the APC ticket unless he has the backing of the likes of Senator Mohammed Danjuma Goje is to tell lies in a broad daylight.

First, when Inuwa Yahaya indicated interest to contest the Governorship election in 2011, Goje did not support his aspiration. Rather, the ticket was ‘traded’ to Ibrahim Dankwambo, who immediately turned his back against Goje after becoming governor-elect. He did that because Goje was gradually becoming an unbearable burden on him.

Again, in 2015, Inuwa Yahaya once again indicated interest in gunning for the governorship seat, but Goje did what he did to scuttle that ambition.

But when 2019 came, Inuwa Yahaya, against all odds, including Goje’s apparent dislike, went for the APC ticket and picked it. Recall that in the build up to the primaries, Goje had a preferred candidate in another person. He, however, surrendered after Inuwa Yahaya’s emergence and supported him, though not wholeheartedly but in order to use the platform and popularity of Governor Inuwa Yahaya to also win his senatorial seat.

Those that do not know the history of the political power play in Gombe State should avail themselves all this.

Like it is said in Nigerian parlance, those who have ears should listen: come 2023, whether Goje and his ‘loyalists’ support Governor Inuwa Yahaya or not, the governor will win his seat hands down and deliver the APC in Gombe State much to the chagrin of his traducers. The Governor has the support of the masses and people of goodwill on account of his superlative performance and sterling leadership.

Coming to the issue of those leaving the APC in Gombe State, it is clear that a number of the so-called ‘bigwigs’, including Jamilu Gwamna, left the party only to pursue their political ambition and not because someone offended them in the APC.

Let’s face it. The four aides to governor Inuwa that resigned from his administration, namely Dijatu Bappa, Alhaji Garba Jijji Gadam, Hamza Adamu Soye and Yushau Yakubu Danauta are nothing in the political equation of Gombe State. Therefore, because they left, the Gombe State Government would not be rattled in any way.

In any case, the APC, and by extension Gombe State Government, has also gained some entrants from other political parties. We recently witnessed the defections of former federal and state lawmakers, former commissioner, Special Advisers, prominent PDP stalwarts and thousands of their supporters into the APC fold. But the naysayers are not talking about it.

Governor Yahaya has earned his name over the years through both private and public services. He is unlike those entrusted with big corporate bodies, but as a result of their mess, even their staff embark on strike on account of non- payment of salaries and poor management.

Truth is, the Gombe people are not fools. They know what they are doing and are well aware of those that love them genuinely.

Since coming on board, Governor Inuwa Yahaya has focused his attention on making Gombe a better place for all through various infrastructural projects, which the Gombe people appreciate.

Shamelessly, Governor Yahaya’s enemies themselves admitted that “Governor Inuwa has performed well in the state and the progress of the party.” They only said the obvious, and the Gombe people know this too well. The people are ready to rally round their governor at the right time, no matter the blackmail and propaganda.

Also, painting a picture that Governor Yahaya “needs to reconcile with the aggrieved members of the party” as if he did not make that move is most unfortunate.

The governor has made himself available for that. He attended two meetings, first in Gombe with the APC national reconciliation committee, and second in Abuja with the party’s national leadership.

It was in the process of that reconciliation move that Goje somewhat ‘backed out” when he used one of his aides to say that the reconciliation was an Islamic one and that the political reconciliation was still pending, as if he was fighting an Islamic fight in the first place.

Stop the campaign of calumny. The Gombe people are watching, and they are solidly behind their governor.

Kyari is APC State Publicity Secretary