Kano Is Peaceful And Progressive In Upholding The Qur’an – Zaura

…..Calls For Increased Commitments In Teaching,

…., Donates Three Million Naira To Two Schools

The president and founder of A A Zaura Foundation, His Excellency Abdussalam Abdulkarim Zaura attended the 27th annual Qur’anic graduation of 53 students at Hassan Ibrahim Gwarzo School located in Sheka Gabas of Kumbotso Local Government.

Zaura commended the teachers for doing Jihad by teaching the memorization of the Holy Book. He said the reason why Kano stride against the odds is because it holds the Qur’an in high esteem. He said we will equally continue to invest Allah’s given wealth in this project.

Encouraging the staff and students, Zaura donated the sum of 2 million Naira to both the management and the memorizers. “On behalf of my humble self, my foundation, my Directors and my entourage I am donating the sum of one million Naira to the School Authority, Additionally, one million Naira is donated to graduating students,” Zaura said.

Equally, Zaura transits straight to Madarasatul Jabiriyya Dala/Yakasai, which is a purely Married Women’s Islamic school that also celebrated the memorization of 60Hizf of the Qur’an. Elated by their efforts, Zaura donated the sum of one million Naira to the school. The graduation ceremony was for the 2nd set, which had 65 Qur’anic memorizers.

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