Kayi Launches Mobile App To Ease Cross-Border Payments

Kayi App, an innovative pan-African Digital Payment Platform, announced on Thursday that it has received the necessary regulatory approvals to launch in Nigeria in order to accelerate access to financial inclusion for individuals and businesses in the country and beyond via secure, seamless, and hassle-free transactions.

Speaking during the unveiling of the Apps, the Chairman of Kayi Bank, Saadina Dantata said, “The Kayi App aims to empower Africans with the tools and knowledge to take control of their financial future.

He also expressed gratitude to the Honorable ministers and Director Generals present at the Kayi App launch.

“I envision a continent where every individual and business can thrive financially, regardless of their location or income level.”

“We are excited to introduce our innovative fintech product, Kayi App, to the Nigerian market. With our dedicated and young team of innovative and creative Nigerians drawn from across the world, we have worked tirelessly to develop a suite of fintech solutions that will make financial transactions simpler, faster, secure, and more convenient for everyone,” says Alhaji Saadina Dantata.

The Honourable Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, Bosun Tijani said that financial inclusion helps to alleviate poverty by giving people access to financial tools.

Speaking on the cybersecurity of the Apps, the MD of Kayi Bank, Yunusa Muhammed, said that Kayi Bank is the first financial institution in Africa that was built on Internet 2.5.

“Internet 2.5 has to do with topnotch security. We align with top-notch security layers within our network. We are promising serious security on our Apps, Yunusa Muhammed said.

Speaking on the market opportunity that informed Kayi App’s introduction, its Product lead, Abdulganiyu Rufa’i said the African fintech market is brimming with opportunities and that Kayi App is poised to make a significant impact.

“With the vast majority of Africans unbanked and underbanked, we are confident in our ability to meet the growing demand for digital financial services across Africa. Having recognized unmet needs in the country’s payment digital industry, therefore, the Kayi App is poised to showcase strength in delivering core services and solutions such as instant digital payments for individuals and businesses; financial inclusion, and social banking for people in rural and semi-urban areas; blockchain-backed cross-border trade for exporters and importers across Africa; and remittances and investments for Nigerians and Africans in Diaspora,” says Rufa’i.

Speaking on the key factors that stand Kayi App out in the mobile payments sector, the technology team of the Kayi App headed by Chukwunonimem Ike, said,

“What truly distinguishes the Kayi App is our unwavering commitment to relentless innovation and a customer-centric approach that places you at the forefront. We recognize the distinctive challenges faced by individuals across Africa, and it’s precisely these challenges that have inspired us to craft solutions that confront them head-on.

“Our user-friendly super app, cutting-edge security features, field support staff in every ward in Nigeria, and 24/7 customer support are just a few examples of how we’re putting our customers first,” Ike said.

“Even when there is a need for customers to communicate with the Kayi team, all you need is dial our toll-free number 0800-000-KAYI, which is 0800-000-5294, and our customer satisfaction team will answer instantly, in your preferred language.”

Kayi App will be officially launched soon to provide secure and innovative payment services to individuals and businesses in the African market. The launch event is being designed to be a celebration of innovation and unveiling of the era of banking without limits.

 Kayi’s introduction heralds a significant paradigm shift in the banking industry. By amalgamating an array of functions, from stock and cryptocurrency trading to utility bill payments and virtual card issuance, the app represents a comprehensive solution that promises to redefine banking experiences.

This pioneering app, set to disrupt the traditional banking landscape, incorporates a range of groundbreaking features, with a particular focus on blockchain-based security measures. UNICCON Group, building on its expertise, aims to redefine banking experiences and promote the adoption of blockchain technology in Africa, following the successful launch of its SmartAfri Labs initiative in April.